WTF! Why now?!

Hey guys, The Duff here. I thought I would let you all know that i have lost my voice! No literally i have lost my voice! I am on strict vocal rest. I work in sales and I need to b e on the phone all day and yesterday it was getting painful every time […]

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Its my birthday Bitches!!!!

So this November i turned 36… Yup 36 years old! And do you know what I am so bloody happy. I actually cant wait to turn 40! 4 years and counting!!! So what did you do for your birthday Duff? I hear you shout. Well………………………………….. Jing, Snowflake and I went to the tower of London! […]

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Hi guys, Duff here. Sorry I have been rubbish lately with my blogs! It’s been a manic few months! I have started my new job and I bloody love it! I am still in sales but this time I have realistic targets and less stress! My anxiety is nearly none! I am no way near […]

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Writers block?

Well i have started this blog about 10 times today as i am not sure what i am blogging about. Which is strange as i rarely get writers block. Even when writing scriots i normally sit down with Youtube on and a brew and the words syart flowing! But this time……..NOTHING! Not a single idea […]

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Q& A

I saw the following questions on lifesfinewhine blog and i loved it so i thought i would pinch it for myself! (Sorry honey!) Which body part would you exchange if you could? My stomach, It is still large and in charge! Tummy tuck and lipo anyone? How often do you brush your teeth? Honestly, and […]

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