I seem to be in the mood to blog a lot now so fingers crossed that this momentum stays! Today is going to be a long day, I can feel it in my bones and its only 8.57am. Yesterday I went to the gym and did some cardio (Treadmill and bike) I am struggling with […]

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Me? Chatty? Never!

I am meant to be doing something and I can’t be asked so I am finding other things to do, like write this blog or thinking who I need to text to meet up for the weekend! It so bad! I have even started Procrastinating at work. Like when we talk about TV shows or […]

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I’M BACK!!!!

Hi Guys! Well ……… I am back, Sorry that I haven’t been about! It’s been slightly mad with stuff.  Anyway, I am in my last six weeks of boot camp now and I am so bloody scared! Boot camp on a Tuesday is my life! I love it! Even though I am dying now! Squats […]

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Room 101 – the Duff way

This is going to be a strange sort of blog as its just thoughts and comments from my week. I didn’t know how to make them full blogs and I still want to share them with you and it turned out to be more of a room 101 situations! Things that annoy me and I […]

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what should i do?

Sorry I haven’t been about much recently. Between the gym, Boot camp, work, Chidling turning 8 (Parties galore!) and Snowflake and I writing this play I barley have time to breath! The gym and boot camp are going well. I will be finishing boot camp in 6 weeks and not re-joining due to money (hubby […]

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what a day!

FML – this day could be a bit more annoying! If it’s not HR being pricks about my holiday it’s my boss and supervisor sat whispering to each other about the people sat in front of them! HELLO! I maybe fat but I not deaf you idiots! My office is like a playground at the […]

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