The Duff

The Urban dictionary describes a duff as the designated ugly fat friend.

Well that’s me! (oh no you’re not! I I hear you in cry in panto style) well its true. I have always been the friend that’s either the talkative, crazy one (you may have seen crazy eyes in OITNB? Well that’s me without the criminal record) or in recent years the fat friend.

So about me. DUFF. I am a woman in my mid 30’s and weighing 96kg, roughly the weight of a baby whale. Married to Hubby, he is lovely, funny and believes he is always right but he is lovely and we have a son, aged 8 years old, I shall call him Chidling. Chidling is very active with sports clubs and Beavers  and loves his Xbox as well. He is a bright and beautiful boy, who I love with all my heart.

I have a great group of friends that I have known for many years, We all met at a local social group, that chat over each other, everyone is incredibly loud, shows off but most of all we have fun, oh a drink a bucket load of tea! The group of friends, let’s call them the Nutters consist of people that are well Nutters LOL.

  • Snowflake – the bright one, with a wicked sense of humour. Just ask her to drink Gin and the fun starts!
  • Seal – The sister of snowflake – funny as hell when drunk and she is into a very strange sport, its OK its totally legal.
  • Elvis – A lad that has the darkest sense of humour I have ever known (play cards against humanity with him and you will see!) and is as sharp as a knife.
  • Tony – The actor and the flamboyant one of the group! Trust me you should see him vogue!
  • Jing –  The girl that thinks she is not that clever but in fact is very bright and very beautiful inside and out.
  • Patsy – She is a newbie to the Nutters but it’s like we have known her for years! She has a voice like an angel and drinks like a fish!
  • MIA – She is never at a group meet up but she is always about for a chat.

Now onto the DUFF situation. I had my chidling, 8 years ago and I have just got increasingly bigger! Now this is my fault and I will always hold my hand up to that. I love food and I love wine. But recently I have been quite poorly with a lung infection and I realised how fat I had become. I couldn’t put my shoes on without moaning that I couldn’t reach and I got out of breath walking up the stairs! These are just two of the massive list of things I couldn’t do. SO………

It’s time to change!

This blog will be all about me getting fit and healthy and some of the strange situations me and the Nutters get into.

I hope you enjoy!



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