Boot camp and panto

These are two activities that don’t really go together. But that is how my day has gone. First of boot camp at 8am! yes 8am on a Saturday!

Hubby kindly purchased a block of boot camps, three times a week for six weeks. I am sure this was a kind thing he did as i have done nothing but moan for months about my weight but to bloody lazy to get up off my arse!

When i first started it was hard work and i thought i was going to give up or die, either way i was not going to see this through but i am half way now and well i bloody love it!

Its strangely satisfying completing a workout before most people have had their shreddies.

So boot camp. Today was a killer. We have test days to see where we are with fitness etc. So we are in groups of eight moving around 6 stations and each station last 6 mins! (Ouch!) then in the 6 minutes you have to see how many sets you can do. So for example and this was an easy one!

20 reverse lunges

10 bicep dips

15 plank climbers

30 step ups

And repeat throughout your 6 minutes.

Well the duff did good! I got round and pushed myself to the point I thought I was going to throw up! So after a great stretch out and lots of water. I walk sorry limp to my car to come home and no joke there was two girls in the carpark saying “well that was piss easy, maybe next week it will be harder!”

ARE YOU FREAKING JOKING! Am I that over weight and unfit that I find easy fitness test a struggle?

Sod it I am heading home for a hot bath and sulk.

Now onto the panto part. Pasty is in panto and last night was the closing night so naturally the nutters went to see her.Well four of us went., Jing was at a family thing and Dory was, well as usual MIA. So that left me, Snowflake, Elvis and Tony.





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