The reception

As promised the blog about Tattoos and the man in the blue suits wedding reception.
So I am sat at the top table with Tweedledum, Tattoos and the man in blues families and it was actually really lovely. (Soup, Chicken roast and profiteroles!) A nice relaxed meal, with good wine and funny speeches afterwards. I mean the best man seemed that he has a few to many beers and smokes before hand but they were good.

I am lucky enough to be called a sister by Tattoo and Tattoos mum has “adopted” me as another daughter. There is also them the brother of Tattoo. Now I will call brother – them as he is non gender and so is thems partner (they). Now for some people this may get a little confusing so for you this is how i remember.

They do not identify as male or female, they are they or them not him or her. Easy!

So Them wanted to be a bridesmaid and when tattoo said she didn’t want him wearing a dress, he got a little offended by this and then cheered when a kilt was suggested. But Them and I got on like a house on fire (now i should mention that i have known Tattoo for ten years and never meet the brother! strange uh!?) and that’s right, we partied all night long. I believe them and they will be long life friends of mine and they will appear in my blogs again!

Just after the dinner, Tattoo took a tumble and smashed her arm on the table causing her to hold her arm for the rest of the evening but like a trooper she struggled on ( I think she had help from the rose i was making her drink lol)

Cut to the first dance (so romantic) and then the disaster of the cake cutting. Tattoos mum and aunt baked and decorated this beautiful cake and they bloody missed it as they were trying to round everyone up to see it happen! Well  I then became the verbal punch bag for them so tattoo didn’t get any grief on her big day (see i am a good Duff!)

The party was amazing! The band that tattoo hired, are really good friends of mine, so the night was filled with dancing, drinking and stupid pictures in the photo booth that Tattoo and the man in the blue suit hired.

Saying that I had fun the whole time is actually a little white lie, i actually spent the last part of the evening stopping the drunk (there is always one!) from starting on the band because they were concentrating too much! what an arse!

So with 12 am was fastly approaching and we all know what happens to this Duff after Midnight! That’s right, Gremlin time! and trust me no one likes the fat Gremlin. I go off to find Tweedledum (i was meant to sharing a room with her) and she had decided that she no longer wanted to share a suite with me and wanted it to herself! So in jumped Tattoos mum and step dad and kindly offered m e the floor in their room! So I ended up sleeping on an air bed a the foot of their bed. And they say romance is dead.

So I wake at 7.00am and Tattoos mum got up and made me a brew. God, Love that woman! and its shower and leave as i had a 2 hour journey to get back to Sunny Town. Of course i drop Tattoo a text to let her know that i am off home as well lets be honest if i spent another minute with Tweedledee and Tweedledum i would either lose my mind or kill someone!

So that was the wedding of Tattoo and the man in the blue suit! I am very grateful to have a friend like Tattoo and I was honoured to be her Matron of Honour. I wish them all the joy in the world and a long loving marriage.


The Duff



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