We’re all mad here

The title is quite apt for this blog as I am taking you with me to a rehearsal of my local drama group. This is where I met most of the Nutters except Elvis, He is family, his mum and my mum are best friends and I used to baby sit for Elvis and his sister bobble.

Now as you may have figured out, My group of friends, “The Nutters” , Are all actors. Snowflake and Tony are professional actors and the rest are, well amateur (They will kill me for calling them that!) . But together,  we have all done quite a few shows together including, Pantos, Musicals, Shakespeare plays and originals productions.

I was meant to see Snowflake but she neglected to tell me she was filming a short film in WALES! But its OK she fell in a river so pay back has been served ( I know she is reading this so mwahahaha!)

So at the group – there are two productions being rehearsed. Jing is directing her first ever production! Her cast includes Tony, jing jnr (jings baby sister), The Blonde (My niece) and the karate kid. They are acting out a scene from Midsummer’s night dream, for an evening of one-act plays. Her cast is so freaking talented!  Tony is an amazing actor (No joke, a reviewer of his first ever role, compared him to James Corden!!) Jing Jnr is pure fire and has passion (even though she makes out she is stupid!), The Blonde can act but she makes everything she does hard bloody work! and the Karate kid, new to the group but shows raw talent.

I filled in for the blonde as she was late as usual! The Blonde is playing the love interest of the Karate kid in this scene so it’s quite strange acting opposite karate kid as he is only 15! Lol

Jing is working a butt off with this production as she feels she has a point to make. But we all know she is a bloody good actress and she will prove that she is an awesome director too!

As i explained Snowflake isn’t here, so Elvis is standing in for her and directing a few scenes of the play that they are doing for a local drama festival. Now this show is a special one to us all as Snowflake wrote it! Its amazing and true to life. But I will blog about the show once i have watched a full run through.

Watching Elvis direct is funny, he is so serious. He is such a serious man at times and loves his acting but I know deep in that head of his, there is a cheeky little lad waiting for the right time to jump up and shout a really inappropriate joke lol.

When I am here, I can’t help but think of the years I have spent rehearsing in this cold and drafty church hall (14 years to be correct!). The pantos I have played a boy in, the serious productions (I died recently in one and when i say died. My character was blown up on a bus! and that was a  difficult scene!) But most of all, it’s the friends i have made. These guys are nutters and they are my family. We have supported each other through, Weddings, Break ups, Baby’s and bad castings! (But that’s another blog!)

So to the duff section of this blog is well actually today (as i write this) has been a good day. I have eaten right and actually felt really good BUT i really want a large glass of cold white wine. Ice cold white wine. Preferably a pinot grigio. But as long as its white, cold and wet i don’t mind lol.  Soooooo……. I have arranged to go to karaoke Saturday night with a few girlfriends. For a few drinks and sing our hearts out!

Heres to a great weekend!!

Bye y’all!

The Duff



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