Drama? Us never!

So here I am another night at the acting group and I find myself hiding in the back room while the White Walkers (the group’s older members, Thanks Elvis for that idea!)  keep me fuelled with tea and cookies!

The Blondes Mother is here and lala (friend at the group) are discussing going to a show annnnddddd I never got an invite too. They are like school girls, talking within ear shot of me. “ohh I can’t wait for Saturday” looking over at me. Well the joke is on them. I don’t give a dam!

You see this acting group is made up of “clicks”

  • The Nutters – Us
  • The White Walkers – The oldies
  • The Newbies – The new ones
  • The Witches – The girls that are stuck up and well if have you watched “Mean Girls” then they are the Plastics

Some people do float between the groups and we do have a few new faces here and they are still getting used to the humour of the nutters. We have a very strange sense of humour. I mean how many people do you know, laugh so hard at cards against humanity that booze come out of their noses?! (No joke, this actually happened!)

Poop – this is what happens when Snow flake is around!!

Anyway back to the group, Snowflake is running scenes from her show and Elvis is sat next to me in a wheel chair! At the moment people are still using scripts so you don’t get the full effect yet! But it’s getting there.

There are new old guy and the Frenemy sitting in the corner pretending to go through their scripts but I can hear them from here – GOSSIPING! Really you are both grown adults get on with the show people!

We are known the naughty group. We are the talkers, the laughter and the ones that always know what they are doing! Yes we prat about and joke but we always know our lines, our choreography and our stage directions.  It’s strange how things come together here. I mean from the outside our run through nights look messy, out of control and completely disorganised but to us that is a great night! And 99% of our show have been great and have had a great attendances.

Now there has been one show, that 1%, where both Snowflake, Elvis, Jing, Seal, Tony and I where all in IT and well what a catastrophe it was. The directors weren’t communicating and we seem to be rehearsing the same scenes over and over again. We were losing people in the chorus and we didn’t have a band!


And …I didn’t know we had a song in one scene because the director kept throwing tantrums and the second director kept crying! Snowflake had never been given an exit on a scene, So being the professional she is…. she make it up on opening night! Best of all the set wasn’t even ready! One of the stage hands was still painting as the doors where opening for the audience! It was so unprofessional but we had a great craic. I spent most of the laughing, But………..I played a tree! A freaking tree. The directors  even tried “sexing” the role up and calling it Mother Nature. No joke, my script for the one line I had said …………..TREE NUMBER 1!

Me? Bitter? Never?

Also this show nearly ripped the acting group apart. The White Walkers, The Nutters and a few others where dead against doing this show and carry on a long tradition of panto and things did get quite verbally nasty but we are a group of members, we went to a vote and they won. So a a group we soldiered on and auditioned. This process was extra hard as a lot of talented people were swept aside due to petty reasons and i spent months pretending to be a bloody tree! Well at least I have branched out to other characters, hahahahaha. But as much as this show was hard work, We did gain a few new younger members, which means we grown for the next show.

So the group now is back on track and we are back doing what we know best and that’s panto.

I  know what role i want to go for and i need to be a lot thinner. So along with boot camp i have joined the gym (she says drinking a glass of prosecco!) But i will be thinner be then! I haven’t weighed myself recently BUT i have dropped a dress size and drum roll please…………….

My boobs are smaller! Wahoo!!!!

But for more info on the boob front check out my next blog.

Sayounara bitches

The Duff


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