I bet that got your attention! LOL

No this isn’t about checking for lumps and bumps, Even though you should do! and if you don’t know how to do this check out Coppafeel. I have been checking ever since i saw Kris’s story on the BBC. She is a brave and courageous woman with a mission to get women and men to check their boobs!

Check out their website


Its about the fact i have gone down a whole cup size!  One whole cup size! To the joy of hubby they are still huge but its a whole cup size! I never thought this would happen!

I can see the changes now and i love how my body is changing. My boobs are smaller (To the disgusted of hubby Lol) my stomach was bloated and i have now lost the “9 months pregnant” look. And I can see my waist line again!!!

My diet has changed big style as well! I am not drinking bottles of wine a night ( no i am not a alcoholic, before you all start shouting!) i have also cut out or cut down on the following

  • Sugar in my tea (replaced with honey)
  • Fizzy drinks
  • bread
  • crisps
  • chocolate
  • Wine

Don’t get me wrong this whole journey is a struggle bit i am doing it! I had a bit if a boost recently when i saw Snowflake for the first time in ages and she said “i didn’t recognised you!” also saw an older mate who walked straight up to me and said “what the hell, when did you get skinny!?” (reading this back i am know torn between was she being nice or shocked that i lost weight lol)

But this did make me so happy! People are actually seeing the change too!!

I met with my Gym instructor last night to discuss my progress and he weighed me!! God my heart was in my throat what if everything have seen change is just in my head and i am still fat. So now i am shaking as i step on the scales and a screwed my eyes up tight and wait for him to do the disappointed sigh but nothing happened. I slowly opened one eye and looked at him and he said “wtf! you have lost a stone!”  and then went on to hug me while we both jumped up and down squealing like little girls

Oh my god! It working! So as i write this i am smiling ear to ear and feeling amazing! Its like a natural high! WOW!

My boot camp sessions are coming to an end on Saturday and i am happy to announce i have signed up again for another 6 weeks AND i have joined the gym!  I can’t wait!!

I will be back soon with more crazy realness!

Hasta la vista, baby.

The Duff



One thought on “Boobs!

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