If you have crazy friends, you have everything.



So recently i have been think about writing a script again and using my friends attributes as apart of each character. Then i thought sod it this would be good in a blog! So here you go!


I met Snow flake while performing in the Wizard of Oz and she was the wicked witch of the west. She was fiery from the start. If something was done professionally she would point it out. She even had a toe to toe argument with one of the directors! Which resulted in the director stomping off for four hours! She has some guts I tell you! But I wouldn’t change her for the world. We can talk on the phone for hours (even though she lives a 3-minute drive from me) We have laughed till we cried, got absolutely slaughtered at karaoke and sung stupid songs. We have stood side by side through some really dumb situations and crappy break up (her not me) But most of all she is there for us all!


I have known Elvis for years. As I have said in my other blog, Elvis’s mum and my mum are best friends and I was his baby sitter. For about two years on and off I lived with him and his family. Elvis was a quirky kid and an even bigger quirky adult. His sense of humor is borderline offensive but we love it! He is a tall lad that loves his computer games and he loves to act as well. But most of all he loves offending people! But he does it so well you do not till hours later!  Elvis will also come out with the most random sayings that stick in your head and you end up using them! Like “Holy, Elvis in a poncho! “I have actually used this saying in a publishers meeting, let’s just say I did get some very strange looks. – Cheers for that Elvis!


New to our little clique but been in the acting group for a while now. She has blossomed from this quiet, skinny thing to a beautiful, strong, very independent woman who is brilliantly artistic when it comes to make up! She is so funny. Jing and Tony hang out a lot to the point that people think they are dating but trust me they are not! Best friends till they die I reckon! As you may know from previous blogs Jing is directing her first ever piece. A scene from A midsummer Night Dream. A challenge but she has taken up the reins ad go crazy. Using the modern text and gender switching the roles! Which is great! She just keeps pushing the boundaries! So, proud!


I have known this young man since he was 8 years old and i cast him in his first panto. Oh my god he was so cute!! Now he is a young man who has starred in two show at a London theatre and i had the pleasure of watching both shows! He was amazing (of course i would say that he is my mate!) But really he was amazing. The reviews in the national pages glowed and compared him to the best in the business. Tony is a gentle person with a great sence of humour and a passion for acting! We all get together (normally at my house) and he is the first to make us laugh or have gossip for us. He is currently working on a school production, which of course the Nutters will be going to watch!


Now MIA is my longest friend at the acting group. She has been in a long-term relationship which has been hell recently due to MIA  Boyfriend fighting cancer. He thankfully has been given the all clear recently. But for a time it was hard for her. MIA is a caring woman who puts so much thought into presents and texts (she recently sent me a message to say how proud she about my weight loss! love her!) MIA got her name as she lives further afield than any of us nutters, so getting to our meet ups can be quite challenging but we don’t think anything less of her! I have done many shows with her and every show we have just laughed till we cried or bitched until we dropped!


Patsy is the newest to the nutters but it feels like she has always been there. I feel like i can talk to her about anything and she is my sister from another mister when it comes to wine! Hence her name Patsy, She actually calls me Eddie too so, we are a right pair. Patsy can sing, acting and she has great comic timing (actually we all do but Pats knows that lol!) She is in a second acting group, where she recently played the male lead in panto (i will give you the run down about pantos at some point) where she was hands and feet the best! Her voice was strong and her acting on point! I love hanging out with Pats and i know we will be friends for a long ass time.


What can i say about Seal. Ummmm….. Seal is funny, tall, slim and so bloody pretty. She is intellectual and attends a bloody good uni! The uni is about 5 hours from us so we don’t get to see her very often but when we do we always laugh. Now i need to tell you a story about how Seal got her nickname, well we had a few drinks after an opening night of a recent production we were all in and Seal got drunk then climbed into her sleeping bag and laid on her front laughing and clapping like a seal! there fore the drunk seal was born! LOL that night was so funny! Also i should mention she is the twin of Snowflake and both play quidditch! Yes you read right they play quidditch! (I will go into this unusual sport in a later blog!)

So there you have it my bunch of Nutters and do you know what i bloody love these loons. We are crazy, we are sometimes stupid but all of the time we laugh together! I coudn’t ask for abetter bunch of friends!

Love you and yours faces


The Duff



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