To tweet or not to tweet.. that is the question……


Social media is a strange thing. I have a Facebook page in my real world  and its great. I am able to keep in touch with my friends that are all over the world, I am able to see what gigs are local to me and the weirdest thing is that i can find out what Disney princess i am! (Ariel BTW!)

But The Duff only has this blog so I spoke to the crazy blogger (friend at work that blogs!) and as i wanted to keep my name out and only speak the  truth about friends, life and my fears regarding losing weight. She suggested Twitter. Now the real world girl has twitter and she uses it as a platform for her acting life, gossip and celebrity stalking but the Duff isn’t about gossip and celebrities.

So I set it up and straight away “suggestions of people to follow” and it was all you tubers and celebs. How strange, but i do love You tube as i think it’s a great platform for people to get their voices heard. But are You tubers worth the millions that they are getting paid??

Zoella, Alfie Dayes, Joe Sugg are just to name a few that I watch and i do find myself thinking “how did they get that much exposure?” and “how did they make their money?”

What makes them different from… well me?

Is it because I am fat? or older that the average bear? or is it that i am actually shy to be me? The real world girl comes across as a confident actor/singer, who is bubbly, loud and out going but behind close doors she is the duff, shy, scared and very paranoid that people are pointing and laughing at my weight. The Nutters will know this already as they see me on a daily basis’ and so does hubby. He sees it more than everyone. When i cant look at myself in the mirror, when i cant find anything to wear and when i am getting pissed off with life! But you guys don’t. But me getting all deep and meaningful with you guys will have to wait a little longer. Sorry.

So back to what makes them different?  now i don’t want fame and fortune by blogging or vlogging, trust me the papers would have a field day with my real world past (got you wondering what on earth i did as a teenager mow haven’t i! HEHE) but i want to know the secret. What makes them different?

Anyway……… the duff has a twitter account! Now come over and follow me for daily updates.

(I just read this back and it reads as a really shameless plug but hey that’s life! LOL)


Love to you all

The Duff









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