Gym Bunny

Ok I haven’t spoken a lot about my weight loses or the gym routine I have been doing since cutting back on Boot camp. So, I thought It was time to get on with it! plus i am home today as Chidling has been sent home from school sick so i have time while he naps.

Currently I only have boot camp on a Tuesday evening and I love it! For one hour a week I get beasted and I sweat like a pig! It is always different and the gym bunnies are excellent at motivation, which let’s be honest we all need some times!

So, as I cut back on Boot camp, I am doing even more time in the gym! I am really loving it. The gym bunnies are there so I am motivated and kept on the right path and they wrote my gym programme for me.

It is tailored to me as I have had a Sciatic nerve damage from when I had chidling, 8 years ago! It has been giving me some jip recently when I am working on my core exercises. Which sucks as most of my weight is on my freaking stomach! So the gym bunnies and their boss “THE BOD” got together and work out a routine for me.

When i crunch i have to keep my back flat on the floor by keeping my leg in the air (what a picture!) All the exercises are tailored to keep the pain at bay. Plus i am doing more cardio, As THE BOD says more sweat made more lbs lost! Plus I am lifting about 12-14 Kgs,  which is amazing as i couldn’t evelift a 4kg dumb bell without hurting 7 weeks ago!!

I mean, yeah  I feel like crap straight afterwards  and my body hates me and screams with pain but within a few minutes I am smiling and feeling so bloody happy!! I think I have become addicted to it! I love being there, I love the people and most of all I feel comfortable!

It’s the first time in forever I have felt like no one is judging me for my weight!

oh and the best bit……………

I have lost a stone!!!

A stone, a bloody stone! I can’t believe it. I am so happy! It’s just the drive I need to keep this up! I feel great, I can touch my toes, I can stretch without cracking and I sleep so much better! (Hubby is very happy about that!)

The diet has been hard this week but i am doing ok, i think. My plan is to have lost another stone in 6 weeks and i have proved i can do it! S o,there is nothing holding me back.

Right I am going to go as chidling has woken up and i need to sort out my poorly boy.

Love to you all

The Duff



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