Sick in Sales

And………. I am bloody sick! Oh, my, god, I feel like the world is caving in on me! I am still at work but I am beginning to think I shouldn’t have come in. My head aches, my nose is sore and blocked, I am having Dizzy spells and bouts of nausea and I just generally feel like poop! ARRGGHHH!

I went to bed at 7.30 last night and watch Fact or faked the paranormal files! WOW, what a load of crap but as I felt like death warmed up, it was great to veg in bed and stare at the TV. While Hubby brought me mugs upon mugs of Horlicks!

But now I am sat at working the next day thinking, “Why in sweet hell am I here?” I should be laying on my couch feeling sorry for myself! Not sat at my desk listening to people Well moan! In my line of work (Media Sales) I have deadlines and targets to hit so I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself!

In the world of sales, things can be quite tricky. One day you can bring in thousands of pounds and then the next, nothing. As one of my work colleagues says “media sales is slowly, slowly catchy monkey” But when you feel ill and downright rubbish I want a good sales day! (Greedy much?)

Working in sales I know so many people that haven’t coped very well with the pressure of deadlines and targets and they have buckled, Me? I buckled big time. when I was, head hunted away from a lovely family business where I had my own office and everyone was so lovely to a big boy corporate company that promised me holidays, bonuses and a car and what did I get? 4 months’ worth of work, no bonuses (even though I had earned them!) and then told “sorry your face doesn’t fit here anymore”

I recently found out from an ex-employee of this company that I am still in touch with, that they have been doing this a lot with their competitors, head hunting the person and promising them the earth and then getting shot of them! So I was basically used and abused. They didn’t care I had a small child at home and bills to pay, they were thinking about their wallets and crushing their market competitors! Well the jokes on them as this big wig company is currently being dragged through the media because of their what can only be described as crappy customer service and sky rocketing prices!

So back to when I buckled, I say buckled, I actually crashed and burned big time. I lost my confidence with work and my social life and swore I would never work in sales again. So, I took a job as a PA at a car rental firm. BIG MISTAKE! The MD I was meant to be PA for didn’t know I had been hired for that position and the idiot manager that employed me lied to me! I was just a… guess what…. a sales executive with a little pa work thrown in! There was already a PA in place but she had a crush on the MD and would do anything for him. She lied to everyone and anyone for him (including his wife and the Police). She thought it was perfectly OK for the MD to sod off on a holiday with his girlfriend while I had to keep the wife at bay! Let’s just say, I didn’t last long there as I found out that the whole sales team where druggies, specifically coke heads! and so was the MD!  It was horrid.  My Line manager was a “micro manager” so he wanted to know everything from why we were getting out of our seats, to why we used a certain word when talking to clients!.  I was questioned every time I went to the printer or the flipping toilets! he would read all our emails and he listened in to our phone calls. Then he would email us and tell us what our “negatives” were for that day! What a Joke! I witnessed one of the guys rock up and start drinking Jager at his desk! And then two of the girls going off to do “a line” in the toilets! But if I said anything, god forbid.

I would drive home in fear every night as the MD had such bad paranoia from all the coke he was doing, he would have me and other employees followed home! MIA and Snowflake have been on the phone to me several times in that time frame and I have said “I think I am being followed again!” or I have just been complaining about the stuff that happened in that office!!

But now I am in a great job back in sales and I love it. Everyone is crackers here and we are all so different but we are like a little family. We all cheer each other on, congratulate each other on the smallest sale and we have a bloody good laugh most of the time. But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns, we do have crappy days. Where we can’t talk to each other without snipping or the atmosphere is thick with annoyance because the crazy lady that i sit oppisite says something stupid but by the end of the day, we are all friends.

Anyway i am going off to die in my pit for a few hours and hope that i feel better in a  coupld hours!

Wish me luck!

The Duff


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