Do not move the fish bowl!

So, I went on a road trip with Elvis recently. As I had tickets to a filming of Task Master at Pinewood studios and as Hubby couldn’t come, I took Elvis as I knew he watched the show just as much as me!

We had such a great chat on the way up, it was lovely as Elvis and I don’t get a lot of time t catch up as Brother and Sister as we are always at acting, so the time is taken up by other people or scripts!

After an 2 hour journey and getting lost (once! Which is achievement for me) we arrived at the studios. We were herded into a tent to wait till we were allowed into the studio.

So, there we are all, 200 people eagerly awaiting to get to the studio and these two women are walking towards us with a crate of beer. Instantly I went “how much?”  and the women said “it’s free!” Well Elvis and I were not about to turn free beer down so we had a bottle each. I wasn’t that bad and lets be honest it was only to keep us happy!

After an hour of waiting around we were finally herded into the studio, Now, I know I keep saying “herded” as that is how it felt. We had to walk in sets of 50 people between marshals and then slowly into the studio.

We bagged some amazing seats! Front and centre of the balcony in front of the camera! The set was amazing! It looked just think a theater. The line-up was so funny. Now if you have never seen Task Master (where have up been people! It’s on Dave!) let me explain the concept of the show.

The Task Master – Greg Davies (The tall teacher from the inbetweeners)

Alix Horne – The task master puppet bitch (really! that is what he gets called!) He is actually the creator of the show.

The set tasks for the panel of 5 comedians and the compete against each other for a weekly win and then a series win.

The five comedians were

Noel Fielding

Hugh Dennis

Mel Giedroyc (from TVs Mel and Sue)

Lolly Adefope

Joe Lycett

The tasks were so funny and well, Lolly isn’t the brightest bulb in the box (One task said “do not move the fish bowl, Lolly repeated serveal time sand then….yup moved thefish bowl!)  but come to think of it neither is Mel. LOL

Elvis and I both laughed so hard we cried and we also started 90% of the clapping off. The only drawback is that I was sat next to the chavviest woman I have ever seen. Swearing at the marshal because the marshal has asked her to turn off her phone when she wouldn’t. I heard her say…….

“WTF, who does she think she is, I was texting my daughter, you f***ing Bitch!”

Sorry love, but all the time we were their they had said either switch your phone off or turn it to silent and no photos etc. were allowed in the studio at all! but this woman was blatantly texting and being a complete idiot. The whole time during the recording she sat there staring at Greg Davies! my god STALKER ALERT!

We laughed so hard that we cried. We whooped and whistled and had a cracking day out!

On our way home the duff within me started to get a little hangry and well I am sorry to say that we both slipped up and stuffed our faces at a certain fast food joint! Whoops

The next day, I felt like we partied till the wee hours. My eyes hurt, my feet hurt and I just felt so bloody tired! but the fact was I was in bed by 11pm. It just proves, age is slowly creeping up on me! But that’s another blog.

Right I better get back to work!

Love, hugs and frogs

The Duff


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