I have hit a wall! – HELP!

I am beginning to get annoyed at the smallest thing!

Is this because i am surrounded by idiots or is that i have hit a wall with my weight loss. I haven’t lost a single lb in 2 weeks. I have stayed the same! Grrr!

having lost just over a stone and then nothing,  its like my body is screaming at me,

“hahahahaha you’re going to be fat forever! Get used to it”

The Gym Bunnies have suggested not weighing myself for two weeks as i have been weighing myself every day. I know this is bad and can become a very bad habit but i was. Don’t hate me.

I feel like crap every time i eat something and i am always working out how long i would have to be in the gym to work off that one piece of chocolate. Not good! I am currently in the gym 3 to 4 times a week (3 gym work outs and then one cardio work out) plus one boot camp so maybe i need to up that i don’t know.

Duff attends boot camp……………………………………………………………………….

So i have had a thought, i have boot camp tonight and i am going to speak to the Gym Bunnies an d see what else they suggest.

So i am back and i am shattered! We had a warning that tonight would be brutal but oh my good god! That was nuts!

I am suffering with sciatic nerve big time tonight. I beasted myself and pushed myself too bloody far and now I am injured!!! I am so annoyed at myself for hurting myself and for crying. My back and my bum cheek are killing!

So here I am  laying on my front, tapping a way on my lap top while a hot water bottle balances on my back and bum! (Gym bunnies told be alternated heat and ice on it) Now the sight of this isn’t great BUT i haven’t been able to lay on my front for years!  I have also spoken to the gym bunnies and they are going to sit with me soon and work lout a plan of action but in the mean time i am heading to the GPs ASAP and see what they suggest. I really do not want pain killers but i have to do something!

Any way I am going as i need to ice my bum now (God that’s embarrassing! Lol)

Bye my friends!

The (Broken)  Duff



5 thoughts on “I have hit a wall! – HELP!

    1. Oh Hun it’s horrid but maybe we could spur each other on! I am weighing in again in a week on Sunday! I will let you know how I get on! Will you keep me informed on how your doing?!? Xxxxxx


  1. I’ve been looking into weight loss and exercise and it’s looking more like exercise is good for building muscle but not for burning fat. On the plus side with more muscle. It could be that your not losing weight but you are losing fat.


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