Acting bats is always fun!

I am off to my acting group again this evening as MIA is coming over (I know shock, sh is about lol) and we can catch up with most if the Nutters there. In the last 6 months i think we have all been together about 6 times. Which makes me sad but we all have work and other commitments that mean we can’t all get together and well Seal lives 3 hours away at uni so that sucks too!

But we are going down to see how far Snowflakes show is now. When ik saw them last there was still scripts being used. Hopefully they are all off scripts now and can really get into acting these scenes out more. I love being there with Snowflake as she always asks and listens to my opinion.

In the past i have directed 2 very successful pantomimes (Toot my own horn there LOL)  and i have been in the acting/singing world for years. So its lovely when i get to use my brain and direct again.  Directing is a bloody hard job and Jing is learning the hard way as she is directing a Shakespearean piece. But as i have said in previous blogs, she is taking it in her stride! I will see her piece soon. So i will have more of an update then.

So i get to the hall and i find that the committee are meeting regarding the towns carnival. Once a year, in the summer, the town have a massive parade go through the streets and there is a party atmosphere and in the center of town  is a fun fair. Its great everyone gets together and forgets their cares just for one day. Its great! every year our acting group get together and throw a float in! This yeas theme is nursery rhymes. So we are doing the old lady that lived in a shoe and i get to be one of her daughters!  LOL i love it. I can’t wait to be fair. I am used to acting like a nutter so………one more day isn’t going to hurt ;p

Carnival day is an amazing day! Everyone gets involved from the schools to the youth groups and pubs! There are lorry floats, Marching Bands and Dancing groups as well as walking floats! It’s so much fun!

Last year we won an award for our float and that was so great! The White Walkers had worked so hard on our little lorry. So this year we are going big! I cant wait! We have been quite fortunate as we have some amazing artists in our group who have offered their services to decorate the floats. So fingers crossed!

The acting group seems to be coming together again and i personally think it’s because we are doing panto again after a three-year hiatus. We are gaining new members of all ages, sizes and disability. I think that is why i will always be a part of this group. We are nutters, Witches and white walkers but we are family. We fight, we laugh but we love each other!

So the group is beginning to become one again but lets see when the auditions for panto start shall we lol.

Any way I better go i have another blog to get written.


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