Feeling a little more positive

I had Boot camp last week (as you know) and it was test night (Groan!) and I beasted it! I worked so bloody hard I couldn’t breath and I was sweating like a pig! (That saying is strange as pigs don’t sweat so why do we say that?) Sorry side tracked. So, got back on track a little then.

It was 9 stations with 3 or 4 exercises in a set and 10 reps of each exercise. We had to see how main sets we could do it 4 minutes! Well let’s just say I pushed myself so much that I found it hard to breath, I had a hot searing pain shoot through my chest and yep, you guessed, it put my back out again! But after a good stretch (painfully good!) and hot and cold rotation plus rest. I seem to be a lot better.

I have tried staying to my current diet but with comic relief and my boss’s wife running the marathon (she is raising money by having a tuck shop in the office!) the cake, crisps and chocolate are over flowing in my office! Good god its hard!  I have managed to control my junk intake better than I thought but I need to get back into the habit of saying NO THANK YOU! Also, my stress level at work is going through the roof now, which doesn’t help. (I eat when I am stressed!)

So the plan is to be at the gym more and the bunnies are going to sort a diet program out for me! This should help me be more motivated and less stressed as i can take the stress and punch the crap out of  a punch bag to relive it!

So far the plan looks like this…..

Monday -Rest (Mummy duties)

Tuesday – Boot camp

Wednesday – Gym – Routine work out

Thursday – Gym – 5k walk on treadmill

Thursday – Gym – routine workout

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Gym – routine workout

Sunday  – rest

I will put my diet plan and the new gym routine up when i get it.

So, that’s it really till i get the rest. Today is Tuesday and i have been to boot camp again and i am actually beginning to feel a lot better about it all. I even managed to a wall sit for 30 seconds with a gym bunnies sitting on me! as well as a side-stepped plank for 30 seconds! Now this is massive for me so it’s a great boost!

We have agreed not to weigh myself again till Sunday as they are worried that if i haven’t lost anything it will set me back! But the main this is tat i am feeling better and i AM carrying on! I Will lose this weight and i WILL look and feel amazing at the end!

So that’s it! Please stay with me during this “blip” I will update you more as i go!

Bye for now my lovelies

The Duff


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