I don’t sweat, I sparkle

Really queen? Well I sweat like a fat girl and do you know what I bloody love it! When I get out of the gym or boot camp I love the cold on my red, hot, sweaty moon face! I like that my muscles are screaming with pain and my joints are creaking like an old barn door. It makes me feel like I have done something great!

Now you may be wondering what I am going on about. Well let me take you back to last Friday……

I was still in a low and dark moody, when I overheard a friend say

“Oh, I must go put my face on, I have the gym tonight!”

Now this made me say in a very short manner

“what on earth are you doing putting make up on to go to the gym for? You’re only going to sweat it off!”

That’s when she turned and looked at me and said

“I don’t sweat I sparkle, and I only go on the tread mill for 10 minutes and the rest of the time I sit in the hot tub!”

WTF! What’s the point in a gym membership! When I explained that I sweat etc. She pulled a face like she had just sucked on an old sour lemon!

This is the same woman who is always on my case about my weight! Slying making digs about my stomach or what I am eating.

Recently I sat eating mixed nuts and she shouted across the room

“haven’t you eaten enough of them!?”

“Well I live on 2500 calories a day. This is what the recommend intake is for the female body.”

No word of a lie she said this…

“well I only eat 500 and I look fabulous!”

Nope, Nope.. you look like a skeleton and your clothes are hanging off of you!


Obviously, I didn’t say the last bit because I am not horrible but I wanted to!

She is always banging on about how she has put on weight because she ate a full meal on Saturday or that she has two bags of crisps! Grrr! I mean come on! /

I am working my butt off to lose my weight and she says that! I mean sometimes i

just want to grab her the neck and strangler her!!!! Ok that’s very strong even for me but you get the gist of it lol

Anyway i better go, I am currently with the nutters at the acting group and i am meant to be watching snowflakes play!! Hehe!

Right I am out of here!

Luff ya all

The Duff




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