What have i started?

So today (Wednesday) I uploaded a blog called “I don’t sweat, I sparkle” and I went to our local pub the white pony with Snow flake and Elvis and we chatted about my blog and how I was enjoying it so much and there and then, they BOTH joined the blogging world!

Snow flake is called “thank you for clarifying” and Elvis is “Elvis and the Nutters”

Sorry #shamelessplug alert! Their links are below

http.thankyouforclarifying.wordpress.com – This blog will be about her life with the Nutters as well as her sporty hobbies, and her life as a professional actor!

http.elvisandthenutters.wordpress.com   – OK, I must put a warning on this one as Elvis is slightly offensive, ok he is really offensive but I still love him! He normally says what we are all thinking and I applauded him!

I am so happy these two have hit the blogging world, they are both very funny, witty and intelligent! They are opinionated and they have no issues telling you that a spade is a spade!

I have had the pleasure of acting with both these loons and it is always eventful and full of laughter.

So today is a short blog as it was just shouting about my Nutters new blogs!

Go, follow, read and comment! I know both love a good debate!

Love and hugs

The Duff!



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