All new me!

Ok so I know this is late but I have been extremely busy recently. With Mummy duties, boot camp, acting and wifey things! I feel like I haven’t stopped!!! But hey ho, I am back now!! Hope you didn’t miss me too much.

Last week, I went to boot camp, that was a cracking session! I worked my butt off again and felt amazing! and I have been to the gym (3 times) and got my new program and here it is….

So, as you can see its crazy and I love it! The little numbers in the corners are the weight or level I am lifting!  I am working with weights bar now and I am squatting with a 18kg weight!  Which is out of this world as 14 weeks ago, I couldn’t lift my own body weight!

On Wednesday, I did one set of everything just and then the gym bunnies mentioned a free circuit training session that they were holding in the court-yard of the gym, so I did that as well. It worked out I was in the gym for 2 hours!

I have also starting drinking protein shakes after a workout as well as in the morning! I am loving it! I will be changing my diet as of Monday, this will be more fruit and veg (even more than I eat now!) No more snacks between meals (to be fair these where just slimming world bars or something similar) But NO MORE!

I have been chatting with one of the Gym Bunnies, I am going to call her Peanut on the count of her always eating peanut butter! She is great, she is an Inspiration to me as she once was a big girl (3 years ago,) and now she is a competitive bikini body builder! She is just amazing, she is always around when you’re feeling down and at boot camp she is the head bitch and pushes me and everyone who attends to their limits! Even if I do threaten to force feed her ice cream!

We have been talking about how far I have come and that i haven’t weighted myself in a while and we have all agreed to weigh in on Sunday at the gym! I have upped my gym time and i am doing 3 times a week now, while trying to not kill myself.

Anyway, I better go.

Bye my lovelies

The Duff




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