Seriously, I can eat that?

As you all know The Duff Blog was born when i decided to take a stand and kick my arse into touch and lose weight!

Over the years, i have tried many diets and NONE of them worked for me, i am not saying that they wont work for you though! So here are a few that i have tried;

  • Slimming world
  • Weight Watchers
  • Juice diet
  • No carb diet
  • Slim fast

And in all these diets, I have been shocked about what food you CAN eat, for example Dark Chocolate. So, I googled them, to see what exactly is with these amazing foods and this is what I found out (The Duffs thoughts are in italics)

Dark chocolate

– Really? Its chocolate! I am still not eating it! 

A bit of chocolate every now-and-then you’re in luck. There is a type of chocolate that will satisfy your craving, get you a decent dose of antioxidants AND help you eat less chocolate than you normally would.

70% (or higher) dark chocolate – a good quality one – is a great way to have something sweet without hurting your diet. A couple of blocks (read two to four) will also satisfy you due to the richness of the cocoa.


– They are full of sugar, surely you know that, right?

Some diets claim that marshmallows are a wonder-food because they are ‘fat-free’. While this is technically true remember that any food in excess becomes part of a fat cell, so be careful of following this logic and eating 1000 marshmallows per week. However, because marshmallows are so light they are very low in calories. So, while they do contain sugar they are one of the better sweets to eat.

Three or four marshmallows (not a whole bag) should be enough to make you feel like you’ve had a sweet without overdoing it or ruining your weight loss progress

Red wine

 – Its booze!! It’s not good for you! 

Alcohol is NOT good for fat loss. It slows your system down, messes with your hormones and makes you eat more due to a loss of inhibitions.

If you are going to have the OCCASIONAL drink, however, then red wine is the way to go. A glass of red wine every few days certainly won’t harm your dieting and it does have certain health benefits too. Again, a glass not a bottle, and you’ll be OK.

Peanut butter

I sort of knew this already as I live on the natural Peanut Butter I get from the gym!

It’s so good

The natural kind (Of Course!) – no added sugar or salt. It’s SUPER calorie-dense, but it’s very satisfying and very healthy at the same time.

Have a teaspoon of peanut butter as a snack, or mix it into your oats in the morning to change them up. This is a healthy food that is also a treat – AWESOME!


I love the fact as well that some diets say you can drink Vodka, Lime and Soda! there are no calories in it! Well there is 96 calories in it! 96 calories!! LOVE IT!

My new diet is full of Nuts, Fruit, protein bars, protein shakes and healthy meals. I am never hungry and if i want to eat something naughty, i just think “do i really want to eat that?”

Hopefully this will work and that i will start losing more weight! As i have been stuck at the 90KG mark for a few weeks now!

Love you all and wish me luck!

Love The Duff



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