I bloody did it!!

I did it!

I broke the 90KG mark! I am down to 88KG. I can’t bloody believe it! I am so happy! I brought a new pair of skinny jeans to celebrate and I am down to a size 16! I was a size 20! This is nuts!

The new gym routine has boosted me and along with the new diet, it’s going great!

I was in the gym today and did and hour of cardio and then one of the younger Gym Bunnies wanted to try a new Circuit program he had made so I said, “why the hell not!”  It was all arms and legs which is fine as my back is struggling with certain core work outs due to sciatica. But it bloody hurt! My arms were shaking, my legs were screaming with hot pain but i loved it! Afterwards i stood in the shower for 20 minutes trying to get the feeling back in my arms and legs! But i did feel amazing!

The only thing I have noticed is that when I have been in the gym or boot camp, my stomach bloats and I look swollen!Its the strangest thing. I mean it bloats like i am pregnant and its rock hard!  Does anyone else get this? Is it normal? It goes down after a few days but it’s so weird!

I am hurting all the time as I am pushing myself more and more now. I have fewer rest days and long gym sessions! But I am beginning to see and feel the results.

I think i said in a previous blog that i am seeing results and now once the swelling goes down i see it even more! I am thinking of buying a waist trainer s i can  see that coming in now and i have heard good things about them.

But i want, is to hear from you! my loyal reader,  Let me know what your thoughts about my weird swelling after the gym. Have you any weird things that your body does after training or am i the only weird bloating gym freak in the world? and waist trainers! Is there a benefit to them? Do they work or are they just a fad?

Any way my dearie I better scoot!

Love to you all




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