what a day!

FML – this day could be a bit more annoying! If it’s not HR being pricks about my holiday it’s my boss and supervisor sat whispering to each other about the people sat in front of them! HELLO! I maybe fat but I not deaf you idiots!

My office is like a playground at the moment and it is soooo bloody annoying! There is whispering and private jokes and the atmosphere is so tense it actually leaves me with a massive headache!

I am so lucky that i have hubby, chidling and the nutters. They chill me out so much! I can be so wound up to the point of snapping and i just talk to anyone of them or get a big squeeze cuddle from chidling and i feel so much better.

Snow flake and i are currently sat in my bedroom chilling out. me writing my blog and watching Roman Atwood vlogs and Snowflake is currently writing her notes up from her last writers meeting. A little insight into this Snowflake is currently in the process of writing a script for a TV series, which is a little strange because when it goes live it will be weird as i will remember that we were sat in my bedroom chatting and laughing about what she would get away with!

LOL Snowflake is such a procrastinator, really she is. She will find someone to text (normally me) or something to colour in or even stare at you with her stupid face! LOL. She is lucky she is with tonight as i will bitch at her to gets her notes done! As we can’t write our script for our show until she is done!

I will blog about our script/show but at the moment we are figuring out the whole story line and trying to come up with a main characters name!

Right i better go Snowflake is now spitting pens at me (strange girl that she is!)

Love and Stuff

The Duff






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