what should i do?

Sorry I haven’t been about much recently. Between the gym, Boot camp, work, Chidling turning 8 (Parties galore!) and Snowflake and I writing this play I barley have time to breath!

The gym and boot camp are going well. I will be finishing boot camp in 6 weeks and not re-joining due to money (hubby is being made redundant!) so I am looking for something else to fill the time that isn’t the gym.

I have been looking at doing this virtual run that you pay x amount and then you have a month to complete 5k or 10k some are half marathon or a marathon but I am not there yet! Once you have completed it, you send in your results by emailing them your fit bit results etc. and then you receive a funky medal. The link below is what I found on these so far….

https://www.virtualrunneruk.com/join-a-race/ – what one should I do?

I have signed up to do the race for life 5k with the Nutters in July, which I am really excited about and I think I am doing the colour race with another team but I still need something big to do! Some people have mentioned tough mudder but am I ready to be soaked with mud for 10 miles and then at the end run through live electric wires!? I don’t know.

Oh, a little update on my weird swelling and bloating after working out. The Gym bunnies are investigating this for me to make sure it’s nothing medical! If it is then I am off to the GPs for a full MOT and make sure nothing sinister is happening.  But I am sure it’s something stupid like I retain too much water or something!

As soon as I have an update on this I will blog and keep you updated!

Right, I better go, I am currently sat watching snowflakes rehearsal and she gets angry when I am not paying attention! Hehe! No she doesn’t but it’s funny to wind her up! Her show is nearly complete as she has her second drama festival coming up and then that’s it! It’s over but it doesn’t matter if she wins awards or not as the mutters and I love her and know she is amazingly talented! 

Right I am going this time!

Laters taters!!

The Duff



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