Room 101 – the Duff way

This is going to be a strange sort of blog as its just thoughts and comments from my week. I didn’t know how to make them full blogs and I still want to share them with you and it turned out to be more of a room 101 situations! Things that annoy me and I want to go away FOREVER!

But first I must apologies AGAIN that I haven’t been about recently! I have been so busy with life again.

So here you got. An insight into how the duffs brain works!

  1. Why do…. fully grown men feel its ok to throw tantrums like a toddler when they don’t get their own way! This has happened more than once this week and I just sat back and watched as they muttered under their breath, slammed things down and well actually childish!
  2. Why is it ok…. to belittle people in the work place in front of each other? Again, I have seen this a lot this week and I am getting quite angry about it!
  3. Is it ok…. for someone to keep asking “am I a nice person?” or “do you make mistakes?” Again, this has happened a lot again this week and it was all for attention! Grrr! this really gets my goat up! (this is a strange saying, I wonder where it come from? answers on a postcard people!) Especially when it comes from a fully-grown woman!  I am not being horrid or being a bully, but this happens every day because she is vain and believes that the world revolves around her! NO JOKE! Also, recently she dumped her boyfriend because he spends too much time with his daughter! No word of lie! she actually said that he has is priorities wrong! WOW She is always craving the attention of the room. Saying that she is ugly (or woof as she says!) or that she never has a cold but she is so run down with stress (we work in sales, we all have a level of stress!)
  4. Ok this actually annoys the crap out of me! WHISPERING! Especially when it is done in front of you. I want to stand there and say “I can see you by the way! So, pack it in!” Grr!!!
  5. Lately sounds have been an issue. Not sounds like typing on keyboard or a clock ticking. I mean the sounds people make. Like for example huffing and tutting! Also, when people say “cewl” instead of Cool. thinking its trendy! or randomly this has happened this week someone randomly say LALA. That’s it LALA! WTF!

As you can see the Duff is very stressed and people are just annoying! Some days I dot even want to get out of bed! I want to it in my pit watch crap TV while eating my own body weight is junk food!

I have recently “fallen off the wagon” diet wise! As I have had every weekend in May booked with doing something! But that’s another blog!

In the meantime, stay safe and love yourself

The Duff



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