I’M BACK!!!!

Hi Guys!

Well ……… I am back, Sorry that I haven’t been about! It’s been slightly mad with stuff.  Anyway, I am in my last six weeks of boot camp now and I am so bloody scared!

Boot camp on a Tuesday is my life! I love it! Even though I am dying now! Squats galore this week Lol. But Boot camp has become a crutch in a way. It was my Push to start my weight loss journey and I was scared that I will just give up!

I was struggling with my diet recently. I have had so much going on. Chidlings 8th birthday, my mum’s birthday, My god daughters first holy communion, friends and family BBQ! So, it’s been loads of food and booze!

I feel awful for it! Plus, I am still suffering with the mystery swelling after working out! The gym bunnies are a little worried now and keep asking how I am feeling? To be fair I have had the same headache for two weeks and a dodgy stomach for a few days. But barring that I feel FAT!

I had a bad day two weeks ago. I was looking for a dress for the god daughter’s Holy communion and everything I tried on I looked like a beached whale! I sat in Matalan changing sobbing because I didn’t look pretty. I came out and hubby was waiting for me wondering what the hell had happened in ten minutes I was in there!

I laugh now but at the time I hated myself and I considered quitting my weight loss journey but then MIA messaged me while she was on holiday in Barbados with big news!

She was engaged!! – At bloody last her petrol head (MIAs boyfriend) have been together almost 8 years! And I was getting bored asking petrol head when is he going to pop the question! And she wants me to be her matron of honour! Of course, I said yes, I have known this year 12 years almost and she is one of my best friends!!! And then she asked Snowflake to be a bridesmaid!


So now I have a new goal! I want to be a size 12 by the time the wedding comes around (date to be decided!)

But the most important thing is……organising the hen do!!! Brighton? York? Liverpool? Spa weekend? Party weekend? Theatre show and dinner Or a Disney theme night out! Now, I know MIA is reading this and screaming at the screen but she knows the Duff needs to be organised!

So now I have my goal I need to work out a strict gym attendance routine and start my diet again! Because there is no way on this planet I am going to be the Duff at the wedding of my Bessie mate!!

Right I better go and write out my diet plan ready for shopping!

Wish me luck!

Love ya

The Duff



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