Me? Chatty? Never!

I am meant to be doing something and I can’t be asked so I am finding other things to do, like write this blog or thinking who I need to text to meet up for the weekend! It so bad!

I have even started Procrastinating at work. Like when we talk about TV shows or what we are doing at the weekend, I will chime in!  and this is getting me in trouble! My boss said that I need to stop being so chatty at work. But that’s me it’s in my nature to chat. I was always being told off at school for chatting so how do I stop?

Is it right that I am being asked to change me?

I am physically changing me but my personality is something that I can’t change surely? I mean I am working on being less chatty but sometimes I forget and that’s when I get upset as everyone around me find it ok to be rude. For instant I will get “it was so quite last week when you were off!” or “are you ok you not talking!?” These comments actually, do hurt but the Duff being the Duff I just shake it off and keep going. But now I am writing this I feel like it’s not right and I shouldn’t have to just “shake it off!” I should be able to say No! you have really upset me and I would like an apology! But let’s be honest that won’t happen as its work and these comments come from my superior!

I have always been the chatty one or the strange one. I love the weird and wonderful stuff of the world. I am a geek and a history freak, especially when it comes to the war of the roses! I love it! But can I change who I really am?

Can I stop being a chatty nerd? Can I stop filling the silence with my voice? If I can then how do I change? I have tried making a big effort to stop talking at work but then people think I am being rude and boring when I don’t join in. I sit at my desk watching Netflix on my phone with my ear buds in to block everything and everyone out and I get moaned at as I am not using my lunch time wisely and getting all my chatting out!

I found this quite offensive (I maybe over reacting though) I wish I could put my ear buds in all bloody day as I the following around me all flipping day and trust me it’s hard to block this all out!

  • Someone talking to themselves and answering themselves all the time
  • Someone clearing their throat every minute!
  • Whispering
  • Loud “look at me making a sale” shouting while I am on the phone!

Can you blame me for wanting to shut them all out at lunch?

Any way I have dodged not working for long enough lol, I really need to get some calls done.

I will be back soon with another blog.; I am thinking of doing a few reviews of days out and trips to the theater as I have a few things coming up that should be interesting!

Keep safe and love each

The Duff


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