I seem to be in the mood to blog a lot now so fingers crossed that this momentum stays! Today is going to be a long day, I can feel it in my bones and its only 8.57am.

Yesterday I went to the gym and did some cardio (Treadmill and bike) I am struggling with shin splints now and it horrid! I am running/walking 5km and its taking over 45 minutes! I hate it! So, I am getting my Gait looked at, some new trainers and compression socks. To see if that helps at all.

I haven’t been able to do any weight routines for weeks as my back was so bad. BUT I think we have turned a corner as I am getting through boot camp with minimal pain now! All I did was goggle (good old google doctor lol) sciatic pain remedies and BAM and exercise came up that was so simple and I can do at home while watching TV etc. All I do each night is sit on the floor and put the soles of my feet together and pull them in towards me. Each day pulling a little closer and it seemed to have worked! (touch wood)

So tonight, I am going to the gym and I am doing my weights routine! I am so excited to get back to where I was 3 weeks ago!

People keep asking me, why I am boot camping, gymming and running, isn’t this too much? No, it isn’t for me! In 4 weeks’ boot camp finishes and I need something to replace it! I have a goal for the weight loss (MIA’s Wedding! which she hasn’t set a date for yet but it’s a goal!) and then I have my smaller goal which is run the race for life 5KM.

Now to some of you readers that might sound pathetic but for me and some of you this is a massive thing! I haven’t run since I was in school (apart from the treadmill and that is a jog/walk at the best of times!) But I want to complete this in under 45 minutes! And I have the nutters running as well so it’s going to be fine!

For me to lose the weight that has dragged me down for years will be so much pressure off me! Literally!

So I am back from the gym and i did a full weights program and i couldn’t walk! My back felt worse than ever! But now i think about it, does it hurt because i haven’t been doing my weights routine? Or is it because its buggered and i will never have the figure i want!?

OK, i seemed to be quite down about this now and i need to get my butt in gear and stop throwing a pity party!

I will be back later in the week and i will be more positive!

Love and kisses

The Duff



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