Wahoo! Its Carnival

So, this weekend saw my sleepy little town comes to life for the yearly Carnival!

This is when we have decorated floats (lorry’s, Cars, Tractors, Bikes and flatbed vans) with loads of walkers, Kids waving from the lorries  marching bands and music blaring while walking the streets of my home town. It is a great day, With the market square filled up with local fun fair and hot food vans.

The theme this year was nursery rhymes. So, we did the little old woman who lived in a shoe! It was hard work decorating the van and building a shoe but it was worth it! We came second in decorated vehicle and we won best walkers!

We set off to walk a 3-mile carnival route. The whole way is surrounded with people cheer and waving! Town centre was rammed with people smiling and drinking beer! The weather was so hot. That I burnt the top of my head!

But we get a pit stop outside a pub so it was off to the loo and a quick pint or two! The whole thing has a party atmosphere! Everyone who walks is singing, dancing and just having a stupid amount of fun!

A few weeks ago, a local paper reported that the carnival would be cancelled as there was only one float entered! They reported this last year and I believe the year before!  (This paper has a reputation of only reporting bad news and never anything good that happens!) But once my little home town pulls through and throws an awesome party day!

We will enter again next year and keep entering even though putting the float together and the hours upon hours of painting, drawing and building is hard flipping work it is worth it!

Now as you all may know the Duff is an actor and guess what……………………!


This evening is the read through of the script and then we have two weeks of workshops and then it’s on to auditions!  I am going to read for Dandini, the fairy god mother and the evil step mother! I am happy with any of these roles!

Once the read through is complete I will blog again as I haven’t read the script thoroughly enough yet! (Typical Duff leaving it all to the last-minute!)

Anyway, I better go, Oh I forgot the picture in the title cover is the float we designed, built and came second with!


The Duff



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