Finally, somewhere over the rainbow!

As I have mentioned in a previous blog. The Nutters have a new public House to drink in! Our last one I worked in and there are some seriously bad things happening there so we went on the hunt for a new watering hole! and we found the Rainbow (Changed the name as I don’t want to give everything away 😊)

It is actually run by a fellow Musician and he is a musical director, so we will call him Piano man! Piano man owned another pub I used to drink in years ago and that’s how we met but now he is in my sleepy home town! He is an openly gay man, who is very intellectual and so easy to talk too!

We finally have an openly gay bar that everyone is welcomed in! Piano man is making sure that everyone feels welcomed and I think he knows nearly everyone’s name that comes in!

I am helping organise a drag night in the bar next month but sourcing a drag queen is harder than it sounds! They are hard work! But I will perceive and I will pull it off!

The regulars in there are so friendly. Everyone says hi and they always asking “how ya been!?” During the week, it is quite and relaxing and at weekends it is party central! Which is how a bar should be in my eyes!

So Piano mans Partner we will call him Phantom. This is because well he was in phantom of the opera! Now as you all know the Nutters were formed at an acting group and the fact that the pub we drinking in has a west end superstar in it, is amazing!

We love the fact that we can all mingle with everyone from all walks of life, is just wonderful!  I am sure that a lot of future blogs will be written while partaking in a large glass of Sav!

So there you are a little insight to the amazing rainbow in our lives!

Bye for now oh by the way don’t worry the weight loss is still happening but i have been a little busy with the chidlings social life! (sports, scouts, swimming!) as soon as i am back in the gym i will blog about that!

again bye my lovely!!

The Duff



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