WTF! Why now?!

Hey guys, The Duff here. I thought I would let you all know that i have lost my voice! No literally i have lost my voice! I am on strict vocal rest.

I work in sales and I need to b e on the phone all day and yesterday it was getting painful every time i tried to speak. Now i should point out that i sit next to the “boss” and he didn’t once say “are you ok?” “don’t you think you should gp home and see your GP?w” Nope he let me struggle on!

I ended up emailing him saying “I am in a lot of pain and i want to go home and see my GP,  I s this ok?” cue him to talking to me at all and emailing back “if you think that’s the right thing, then go!” He didn’t even say good-bye or anything!

**Side note. I am struggling at my current work place at the moment as i was verbally abused by the “boss” He called me a liar and a their, as there had been some crossed wires regarding an account and i sold on his account! I apologised and said take the order. Then he made me sit in a meeting with him and he made me cry!!! I actually sat in the meeting room and cried my bloody eyes out! He then left and told me to sort myself out. I sat there for ten minutes sobbing and thinking of ways to leave without causing a fuss! As i didn’t want everyone in the company seeing me cry and be weak. But i couldn’t so i walked swiftly to the toilet (through accounts, which is full of my friends!) to try and tidy myself up. But the accounts ladies cotton on and chased after me. They are so bloody lovely and i consider them some of my closest friends.  Well, the verbal abuse and harsh under your breath comments from him, just caused such an atmosphere in the office the “boss” kicked us out early. I was left all weekend feeling like crap and i had a massive anxiety attack at the thought of coming back to work. I called my Director on the Monday morning and just let rip. I ended up back on my anxiety meds and i took a few days off of work to relax. I had a “return to work” meeting where it felt like i was being bollocked for being weak! and the “Boss” still hasn’t apologised! So that was a very large side note – Sorry

So i go to the GP and she checked how i was doing with work and that i am settled on my meds (having a review in a few days) and then she checks my ears, nose and throat and well i have laryngitis! She didn’t want to give me anymore meds as i cant take amoxicillin, as my body is being to build a tolerance to antibiotics.

So I am on throat sweets, steam and NO TALKING!!! ARRGGHHHH!!!

I am on strict vocal rest for  a few days so now no work, no acting etc. So i have all this time and no talking to do! So i am writing ideas for blogs, reading more and online shopping!

Biggest issue, I have auditions for panto on MONDAY!!!!!!! But i will blog after that and let you know how it goes!

If you have any more suggestions to fill up my time, please let me know!

Any way I am off. Speak soon (Hopefully!)

The Duff


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