Pub club reunite!


So yesterday was the girlie nutters (Jing, Snowflake, Seal and moi!) time to race! We had entered in race for life as we have all been touched by the awful disease recently and we all agreed we needed to do something about getting a step closer to kicking its arse!

So, we met bright and early on a bloody hot Sunday morning at Jings house. Elvis and mumma (Snowflake and seals mum) Tagged along to give us all some support. Oh, and Seals and Snowflakes dogs Max and Charlie came with us!

We pulled up in the car pack and were sorting out our race numbers etc and suddenly, we hear “well fancy seeing you here!” and it was Patsy! No word of a lie there she stood! In all her race for life pink pride! It was great. We all had a hug and asked how is everyone etc. and off we walked the 2km to get to the start line! (really the Duff was sweating by now and we still had the actual 5km race to do!)

We eventually get there and Seal and I stand in the queue for the loo for 20 mins! But all was good as we ducked into the gents, which wasn’t that bad really (SHOCKED!) Round up the girlie nutters and off to get face painting done! The picture in the title is our matching “tattoos” We all got treble clefs as we are all musical.

It’s time to go ladies! So, we make our to the start!

The 10k Runners go off first because they are crazy! Then the 5k Runners, the joggers and then the walkers! We went in the walker section as jogging in the heat didn’t sound great to the Duff. So walking was the next best option! We took the dogs with us and we walked as a team! It was great we laughed and bitched and laughed some more all the way round. The dogs needed a drink at the half way point so Snow flake and Seal to the dogs to the lake were we promptly heard “what! No! help!” so Pats and I go and take a look. Well, we looked round to see seal and snowflake clinging on for dear life on the river bank while Max and Charlie are in the river having a lovely little swim. Oh, did I mention that they still had their leads on hence why Snowflake and Seal where nearly the river themselves! It was so funny, I was crying with laughter!

The race was full of Seal falling over, the dogs trying to drag Seal and Snowflake off and Jing, Patsy and I chatting crap and have a right old laugh! It was great to have most of the girls together again.

Fast forward and we all cross the finish line together at the time of 1 hour and 7 minutes! Which was great considering we messed about for most of it!

We all leave after collecting our medals and goodie bag and head of for a well-earned maccy ds! (Other fast food outlets are available!) sitting in the sun drinking tea and just laughing!

After an hour, we all left and went home. I felt quite deflated when I go in as it had been a lovely morning and then the Facebook messages started!


“Pub meeting tonight”

Duff I will pick you up!”

This went on for most of the afternoon so after talking to hubby, sorting chidling out for bed etc at 9pm the nutters reunited! Everyone was there! Tony, Jing, Snowflake, Pats, Seal, Elvis and even Piano man! (MIA was MIA but that’s fine as it was her birthday yesterday! Don’t worry dear reader we all wished her a happy birthday!)

There we all sat around a large round table in the Rainbow. Laughing, gossiping, catching up and bitching! It was great!

I got a lift home with Patsy and we had a great chat about life and how it gets in the way of friendship. It was a great day finished by a great night!

Hopefully we will ALL be together soon enough!

Love and Stuff to you all!

One very happy Duff!



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