YES! I am a Female and i am a doctor who fan!

So it was announced on Sunday at Jodi Whittaker has taken over the role of the 13th Doctor in Doctor Who.

Now my lovely readers, I am a massive whovian and so are most of the fellow nutters. I was so bloody  happy with this result as I loved the fact the Master had regenerated in to Missy a few seasons ago! I mean come on! She was amazing, Michelle Gomez is an amazing actress and she played this role fantastically! and guess what…. there was NO UPROAR about it! It fact every one loved the change!

So why shouldn’t the doctor by a woman?

I read on the BBC new website “have your say” where a gentleman wrote

“The doctor is a timelord NOT and time lady!”

Really queen? I am a woman and a human you are a man and a human! Jezzz! Time lord is the pronoun for the collective! as in we are all humans and they are timelords!

When we have a scene on Gallifrey (the home of the timelords) there were women in it! What do you think they were there for? Bring the timelords tea or cleaning up after them all? No you numptys they are apart of their race! GRRRRRRR!!

Some of you might be reading this as “well isn’t it about the BBC hitting male to female ratio quotes” Well it maybe it is,  i can’t answer that as i don’t work for them but answer me this…..

“Do you really care the doctor is a woman? Will it really effect your love of this ht show?”

The answer is quite simple……NO!

As piano man says “Build a bridge and get over it!”

I am quite passionate about this subject!

For as long as i can remember, I have been interested in Dr Who, In fact one of my first memories is sat on my granddad’s floor in his lounge with a juice box watching Dr Who with my Uncle!

I was always frightened of the cyber-men as a child because of what they stood for. As in they were “upgraded humans” No emotions only the instinct to “upgrade” others and fight for their cause as a collective. Then there was the noise of them marching!  It still sends shivers down my spine 30 odd years on!

But now I love the villains, I love what they stand for, The art of making this amazingly complex characters. The weeping angels, The Silence and of course the Darleks!

I just love Dr Who and I will stand up and be counted as a Whovian!

Love to you all and comment below about your favorite Dr Who Villain is!

The Duff




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