Its time to talk………….

So last night was interesting, I decided to go to the rainbow (the new pub) and have a bottle of wine with Seal and Snowflake. We were the only ones in there apart from the two regulars, Dolly and the beer King. Dolly I have known a few years as we used to work together as waitress in a pub I can’t remember the name of now and the beer king is Dollys fiancée. They are so cute together but Beer king defiantly knows how to drink! Phew! he makes me look like an amateur!

So, Seal, Snowflake and I are sitting in the bar having a nice drinky and we get on the conversation of Doctor Who (No shock there really!) The piano man mentioned that he wasn’t impressed with the new doctor, not because she is a woman but the fact the BBC have crumbled under pressure of having more female leads on popular tv programmes. Snowflake then brought up and excellent question of “why didn’t the BBC use an unsung actor/actress?” Someone trying to make a name for themselves. Why did it always have to be a known actor?

One of these questions got me thinking about the pressure in life and how we ALL crack at some points in this thig we call life!

I have cracked recently as you all know and I am combatting my anxiety with meds and exercise as well as surrounding myself with people I trust and love! Family, the nutters and my acting buddies.

But what is there for people who don’t have this support system? Who can they turn too? This intrigued me so I did a little of a research (google really!) and this is what I found on a national level. I know these through my line of work and they provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They also campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding No Panic is a registered charity which helps people who suffer from Panic Attacks, Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and other related anxiety disorders including those people who are trying to give up Tranquillizers. No Panic also provides support for the carers of people who suffer from anxiety disorders.

Also, I found these stats

Recent surveys indicate that they affect up to 18% of the population of the United Kingdom.

  • Up to 5 million with Agoraphobia
  • Up to 1 million with social phobias
  • Up to 4 million with specific phobias
  • Up to 2 million with Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder
  • Up to 2 million on Tranquillizers, many long term
  • About 75% of anxiety disorder sufferers do not get professional help of any kind.

These Stats are crazy and when you look at you will know at least one person who has one if not more of these mental health issues!

I have tried to be more open about my problem and that I am seeking help etc. But people do seem to “sweep it under the carpet” a lot. People do not know what to say when you tell them you are suffering with a mental health issues. It’s also a dirty word that cannot be talked about. One of my mates I worked with at the pub once said Mental health issues is like Voldemort, you can’t say his name without someone shushing you!

Why is this? We can talk about politics, gender issues, sexual orientation but mental health!

No Freaking Way!

So, I am making a change to my blog. Not only will it be taking you on my little journey of losing weight and my life in the world of acting but I am going to openly talk about my anxiety. I am going to talk about the highs and lows of trying to become healthier mental and physically and I am going to try and a do something for a mental health charity, what I have no idea but watch this space!

If anyone has an idea on how I can help please comment!

Righto I back to work! Blog again soon

The Duff



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