Death, why are we so bloody scared of it?

Are you afraid of dying? I’m not.

Have you chosen what type of funeral you want? I have.

Now you are probably thinking that this blog is a tad morbid or weird! Well it is in a way.

I have recently been watching Vlogs on YouTube called “ask a mortician” and she is good! She talks about death like there is nothing to fear! And how we can take back this section of our lives, from the corporate funeral directors! And I agree with her! It’s the only certain thing that will happen in our lives! Why should I have the right for my family to look after me taken away from me when I am gone.

I was quite obsessed with death when I was a little girl. I loved reading about how different cultures treat their deceased and their loved one’s spirits.  From ancient Egyptian burials to our modern-day funerals.

I recently lost my great aunt and it was quite a shock as it wasn’t expected (strange isn’t it, the one thing that is certain in our lives and we didn’t expect it!) and it got me thinking that hubby and I have never spoken about what we both want when our time on this planet has come to an end and it turns out we both want something quite different. The only thing we can agree on is that we both want to be cremated!

I want a lavish day of mourning with a horse drawn carriage. Everyone where black and a cremation and it turns out hubby wants a quite affair, no church and all he has dictated to me is he wants a banner above his casket saying


And why not?! I will certainly do that when his time comes because it’s the only thing he has actually asked for! LOL

I sat watching Caitlin Doughty (ask a mortician on YouTube) and she is funny, witty and just so well informed about death and all things dying. She owns her own funeral directors in LA but she specialises in more family hands on funerals. Helping the loved one care for their dead, help with the funerals in a less clinical way and in a more natural way etc.

Now I know that most of you are going “ewwwww” about this but we used to do this years and years ago. From washing and dressing the deceased to “laying them out” in our front room for all to come and pay their last respects! the only difference now is that we have been told that we can pay someone a small fortune to do this for us. Why should we pay this much money for something we can all do if we just push past this barrier of death is a dirty word!

Caitlin also discusses celebrity deaths or famous bodies,murders etc. It’s fascinating!

Please go check her out at

Please don’t see this blog as morbid or strange. This is something we should all be comfortable to talk about!  Take that time and talk. In my family we have always been open (My mums family that is) as we never want to be in position of wondering “is this want they really wanted?” Its not nice trust me!

Now go talk to each other!

Love to you all

The Duff!



One thought on “Death, why are we so bloody scared of it?

  1. Very interesting! I feel like you wrote about something a lot of people fear, but is inevitable and honestly I agree with a lot of what you wrote!


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