Disney, Destroyer of love? Or a hopeless romantic?

I love a good Disney story! My life at the moment is revolving around Cinderella one of the most iconic Disney movies. The young girl, down trodden and weak. Meets and falls instantly in love with a prince. He battles for her love searching high and low through HIS kingdom looking for the girl’s foot who fits the glass slipper! He saves her from the clutches of her evil step family, they get married and live happily ever after!

What a load of tosh! LOL I love Disney don’t get me wrong. But when was it ok to tell young girls that they are to wait for a prince to sweep them off their feet? If that’s the case I am still waiting! I caught the Hubby and it was me that asked him to marry me! GIRL POWER OR WHAT! LOL

But it got me thinking.

Frozen was a massive hit in its year now I love this film as one of my favourite actress plays Elsa. Idina Menzel, (Now Snowflake will be going crazy at this as she hates Idina with a passion LOL.) I have seen her in wicked when she played Elphba the wicked witch of the west and she was amazing in rent as well. Any way back to Disney and frozen. I think I loved it because yes Ana did get the guy but hey wasn’t a prince, He was an ice mover who was brought up by trolls and the prince turned out to be a villain! Loved it! Also, i love the fact that it was the love of a sister that saved Elsa NOT the love of a man! Well played Disney!

An old friend of mine did her degree dissertation on how Disney has screwed up our way of thinking about love. How some women think that they life will not be complete without their prince charming! I found my prince is the shape of a toad (sorry hubby but it’s true!)  I know that prince Charming’s don’t really exists and that it isn’t happily ever after for some people. But why do we dream of the perfect man? was this perfect man a myth made up by Walt Disney to keep us believing and buying more merchandise?

It’s strange to think about as we all want the fairy tale life. More money, nicer cars and a partner to shower us with love and affection.

Growing up I was never a princess fan (well I only liked Ariel the little mermaid and that’s because it was the first film I saw at the cinema!)  I always loved the villains!  Ursula the sea witch and maleficent were always my favourites growing up! They were fictional characters that were badass women! I always wondered why they turned evil? Surely, they weren’t born evil? Right?

But now I am adult  and I look at things in a bit different. The scariest Villains in Disney are the ones that are human ones i.e. Gaston from Beauty and beast. He was powered by vanity, greed and he was bat shit scared of someone different to him! Hello real world! The same with Jafar for Aladdin. He wanted to control the beautiful Jasmine and keep her kingdom for himself! But the scariest of them all is Madame Tremaine, Cinderella’s evil step mother! Cinderella’s story is rife with child abuse from a parental figure and abandonment from her father. Now tell me you will watch Cinderella in the same way again! Soz not Soz! Go read the Grimm fairy tale of the Little Mermaid! WOW! Its ummm good! – go, go, read it!

But even though my twisted little brain tells me that hubby is my prince charming and i have my happily ever after i still crave the fairy tale life. A bigger home and the nicest clothes but is that just trying to show off? or is it that i think perfection is the only way i can be happy?

God this is getting deep! So i leave this with you dear reader. What Disney movie have you watched as a child and then again as an adult and you have realised that disney are actually quite warped!?

Love to you all

The Duff



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