Lets have a cuppa and a catch up!

Now dear reader you may have noticed that my blogs are a bit up and down and all over the place and not really a lot about my weight loss journey and my anxiety issues.

This is because my gym life is quite boring at the moment due to doing cardio only and my weight loss is happening slowly. The gym manager said that I will be ok and that things will take some time to get back to normal which I total understand now and with my new check list things are looking up. I will be on my anxiety meds for a bit longer than I wanted but hey I am moving in the right direction!

I started this blog about my weight loss and my crazy journey with my fellow nutters and my amazing family, Hubby and Chidling. So I think it’s time for a little update on all of them!

The Nutters, we are still all together and still having an amazing time but things are changing. Snow flake is now getting ready for her first touring production and her theatre company is beginning to take shape. Pats is doing her thing now. She has left her other acting group and didn’t want to look like a bitch and join our panto straight away so she is keeping a low profile.

Elvis is Elvis I only see him in the pub. He is working with Snow Flake with her theatre company. Elvis left our main acting group so I don’t get to see him as much now, which sucks.

Jing is now on summer break and has changed her “major” from Caring to make up and beauty! I know, a massive change but she is really good at makeup and hair. She just seems to have a spark for beauty! MIA, well now she is engaged it’s all weddings and saving up! But we are all looking forward to her big day, (when it happens as she still hasn’t set a flipping date!) Tony has his first movie role and is off filming soon so wahoo! I told him when he wins an Oscar or a Tony he must thank me in his speech lol.

Then throw into the mix panto auditions, workshops, read throughs, I am also working on the beaver scouts program for the next term and then work and family life, Its well NUTS! Hubby is now actively looking for work after taking a settlement package from his old work place. But he is doing extremely well. He is taking courses at home to better himself and eventually us when he gets a job. Chidling is doing well too. He is now on summer holidays, sleeping in late and just chilling out. He is still loving his karate and swimming and we spend a lot of time in the karate dojo as he is working towards is next belt (Purple I think?)

I can’t remember the last time I walked through my front door and just sat on my couch and vegged! But I am keeping busy to keep my mind busy and not think of the anxiety of returning to work on a Monday morning. Knowing that I will be stressing within about 10 minutes of walking through the office door!

I still have mild panic attacks about returning to work after the weekend. As I know the boss is always in a mood or he is just off with us! I recently had a long weekend away with my mum, sister, chidling and my sister’s boys. On the Monday night before I returned I was so sick! I just didn’t want to go in! At the time of writing this I still haven’t heard about the interview I had a few days ago so I am still stuck in limbo! I am never sure on how the office is going to be when I have a few days off. Because there are a few bitchy people and they tend to “stir the pot” while someone is off. Also, if something goes wrong, it’s a “lets blame the person who off” Situation! Which makes my anxiety go through the roof! I must sit and watch my manager and supervisor pass notes to each other about one of us like the popular kids at school! It’s really belittling!

But hey I must bite my lip and keep my head down! Just get in and get out! I know that with my new goals in my life it will get better.

Right I better go and write my other blog about my crazy weekend away with my family! I even took photos for you all! I know I do spoil you all! 😊

Love and hugs

The Duff



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