I am Rough!

No, not in the sense of feeling or looking rough but I am playing rough in Cinderella. Rough is the clever one in the comedy duo of Rough and Ready. Rough and ready are a couple of bankers (Bankers you dirty minded people!) They are trying to get the money from Baron Hard-up that he owes the bank! (Baron Hard-up is proving to be a slightly hard thing for me to say as the dirty minded Duff keeps wanting to say Baron Hardon! Arrggghhhhh!) Also, Tony got Buttons! Which just spells trouble for everyone lol!

Ready is being played by Jing! It’s great news as I think this is her first principle role in a panto and I get to steer her in the manner of comedy!

I love playing the comedy roles, I did want to play the evil step mother or the fairy god mother but once I read for Rough it all came back to me and I feel pretty confident! I have even started learning my lines! Which anyone knows the Duff will know that I am terrible at learning lines and I have been known to learn my lines the day before the show! Awful, I know but my brain isn’t wired normally so it takes a while hence why I am learning them now! LOL

So, for the next few months my blogs may be heavily dominated around the world of panto so I better layout who got what and I will use their character names

Cinderella – My Niece, she is a blonde bombshell but she does think she is god’s gift sometimes!! So, it’s my job to knock her down when she gets to big for her boots!

Prince Charming – First time in a principle role but she is very talented, tall and beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing what she can do!

Dandini – Now in previous blogs she has been known as the Frenemy well that’s all changed now and we are actually quite friendly! First principal role in panto!

Rough – Me, The Duff. The most amazingly talented person ever, If I do say so myself lol

Ready – Jing! Her first principle role in panto and she will do great!

Baron Hardup – New Guy! Lovely gentleman who just wants to have fun!

Baroness Hardup – New Gal! Found out she is the directors boss and she also works with Hyacinth. But she is a lovely person. She has never been in panto before and this is her first principle role in anything I believe! She is tall, blonde and is always so happy!

Hyacinth – He is an old face to the group (he will kill me if he reads this lol) He moved away to a lovely warm country and things about two years ago went wrong and he split from his husband and was in a bad way but now he has a lovely chap and a great job and is moving back to the UK! We are all happy about this as he is a great laugh and one of the most approachable people at the group!

Loweracinth – The Directors son, He is a great lad, I have known him a while now and I have watched him grow into a respectful young man and he isn’t afraid to take the mick out of himself!

Fairy godmother – Now what can I can about her, she is a tall and can sing. She is also the mother of prince charming (in real life!) She is also great at art! I believe this is her first principle role in panto as well.

Buttons – The one, the only TONY! He will be rehearsing with us in between filming! Yup Tony has moved into the movies!!!

Madam Olga – My sister-in-law! This is a small principle but she plays a Russian ballerina so bloody well.

Herald – The Karate kid. I mentioned him a few blogs a while ago – Lovely lad and very talented karate kid! He is very happy with his role in the panto and is excited to get started!

Major Domo – The biggest queen! Drama queen that is! He is always having an issue with his mate or he is the loudest person at the rehearsal which is amazing as I am there! But he is a lovely guy and he will go far in the group as he isn’t afraid to try new and different things with his characters!

I have just reread this and there is A LOT of first time principles! But i think it will turn out fine. Rehearsals are in full swing now and we will start scene rehearsing next week.

So there you go the cast of Cinderella has been cast and its a go! I am in the gym more and more now as Rough is quite a physical character and i don’t want to look out of breath from running across a stage lol!

So expect more blogs from panto land!

Love to you all

The Duff



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