whats next?

I have been thinking a lot about life this week. I am still waiting to hear from two positions now and I am getting more and more frustrated!

I keep thinking if I hadn’t been such a little bugger at school and knuckled under I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now! I love hubby and chidling and I wouldn’t be without them. So, my home life is great! But my work life is driving me nuts! I hate getting up to go. I hate the fact I am stilling there for 8 hours doing the same thing every minute! There are no mixing things up at all! And then there is the pandering to the most annoying person in the room! All she does all day is moan that people are no answering their phones or she is craving the attention of everyone in the room! It drives me bonkers!

I started thinking of going back to school and doing a degree in History and then going on to work as a history teacher. I love history especially the war of the roses and the women behind the Tudor dynasty.

But then I realised that I would have to learn all history to teach and I am not sure I could get all that info into my head.

So, I am sat at work and to get me through the day I am dipping in and out of blogging! It seems to be the only thing I can get my head into now.

Lunch times here are so boring since one of the girls left, My name for her is Genie! She was the marketing and web genius. We used to spend a lot of lunch together just chatting and laughing. Now I am stuck at my desk watching YouTube on my phone with head phones in to block everyone else out! But hopefully soon I will be meeting up with Genie and thrash out all the crap over a bottle of Gin!

So if I don’t hear back regarding these two position what should I do? Carry on and become more depressed or should I go back to school and get a degree in something that will help me in the long run, like business management? There is so much on offer out there. I did toy with the idea of taking up acting full time again but that went out of the window pretty quick as I am far too old and have too many out goings to worry about!

**While writing this i found out that i didn’t get either of them. But its OK as i really didnt want that one. It was a weird place, the MD was a bit of a wide boy! and quite a small company. So please keep your fingers crossed that the other one comes through!

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