Holiday…………I need another one!

I promised you a blog about my recent 4 days holiday with my mother, Bista, Nibblings (the nephews) and chidling.

Well there isn’t much to write about really.  We went to Great Yarmouth and it was as per usual, a little run down and bloody expensive!

We stayed at a well know caravan park. The caravan was meant to be an 8 berth but was just about big enough for three if you ask me! The bathroom door nearly hit the opposite wall when it was open!  There was no duvet for the fold out bed in the lounge! And I ended up sleeping in a bed that my arse was wider than! The toilets in one bar where well disgusting! Graffiti everywhere and the toilets seats where falling off! The Kids club bar area was ok but bloody expensive! A large glass of white wine was £6.10!!!!

The caravan parks pool only fitted 96 people! When the park catered for over 1000 people! And the baby pool was shut so that ballsed up our plans to go swimming one day because the queue was so bloody long the kiddies wouldn’t wait! Luckily it was a nice day so off to the beach we went!

The main thing is though that the kiddies had fun and for the four days Chidling and I were there for we did have fun! Body boarding, digging sand holes, visiting the pleasure beach (this is bloody expensive as well!)

The kiddies pilfered us all for money for the arcades and the gift shop. But to be fair i am a sucker fr arcade games so i spent more LOL!

I needed a holiday when i got back as i didnt sleep well and i missed Hubby loads. At least we are off on our own little family holiday in two weeks! We can wait.

Its at a little sleepy Norfolk village with a great beach. We have a two bed chalet and there is no wifi! well apart from the wifi in the pub over the road!

I mentioned to piano man that this holiday park was run down and a little expensive and it turns out that he has a private caravan on the same site and he wasnt happy with the way he was treated recently either! Small world really!

So that is it really, I said i would do pictures in this one but if i am honest i am too knackered to edit them at the moment, But i will put some up soon! I promise!

Anyway i better go as i have a few ideas for future blogs but i need to sit and figure them out first!

Love and Stuff

The Duff




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