Can i be truly happy in work?

If you email someone asking a question when is a good length of time to leave it before you call them?

I have been working with an agency now for a few months and when they had me out to companies they were shit hot! (Excuse the fool mouth) but then when I didn’t get any of them it goes cold! I emailed them asking about anything else they may have and nothing!!! Am I being to forward? I am not very good at anything? God this is playing havoc with my anxiety!

I am still applying for roles left, right and center but nothing. I have one agency that want me to interview for a position with them working in recruitment! Which, I quite like the sound of working in recruitment. I am quite a target driven person and this company seem nice. I have been on their website and they are very “happy staff, happy company” which would be great about now!!

But the problem is we can’t agree on a date to meet! I have been speaking with their contact in their Birmingham office, who is so funny and he is easy to talk too. But the office that I would be in (if I get the job) is just so busy and under staffed they can’t find a date to suit them. I just hope I am not being messed about! As it has happened recently. I went to one meeting and they said they really liked me etc. etc. and then I didn’t hear from them till I chased the agency and they said that they still had no decision! Cut to a few days later and I chased the agency AGAIN! Who then chased the company to be told that they had “gone in a different direction!” I mean the cheek! They had left me hanging for nearly a month! I really liked that company and the woman who interviewed me was lovely. The worst bit is that I could see myself working there! GRRRR!

I think I need to find something that I am passionate for but finding something that you truly have passion for is quite hard if you only realized what your passion is, too late in life. Well it is for me!

I love history, especially the Tudors and the war of the roses. My dream job would be a researcher for Leicester University or working at the tower of London under Lucy Worsley. I just love the tower of London. You can see where the wives of hennery the eighth came to their ends or where they were in confinement. But alas this won’t happen unless I win the lottery and can quit working completely and go back to uni as you need a degree in history! I am thinking once hubby has found a job and has settled in to that, if money is ok then I MIGHT do an open university course but that’s way in the future!

So, for now I will settle with anything that is closer to home, more cash and something I can get my teeth into. I do love a challenge with my work but I just feel at this moment I don’t have that. I am so blue when I get into the office and unhappy. As one of my work colleagues said, “you spend more time at work than you do with your family, you need to be happy!” Well it’s time to be happy in all sections of my life!

There has become an opening in distribution my company and its based in the accounts office. I love being in that office as I get on with them all and it’s so much friendlier. I say, “good morning” in my current office and I get either a grunt or nothing! It’s so bloody annoying.

I know everyone is busy in a sales office but COME ON! It takes two seconds to be nice and say good morning back! I have been grunted at and ignored enough and I want this change more than ever!

I just don’t know how to approach my director and tell him that I would like to apply for the distribution position! Any suggestions?

I am on holiday for two weeks from Friday so I think I will be doing some major soul searching, well, in between trips to the tower of London, Thorpe park and our little family holiday!

I think at this moment hubby and I just want to be happy in whatever role we both get. Happiness is the key I think!

I keep looking at inspirational quotes on people’s blogs and they all revolve around happiness. So that is our goal….


Wish us luck!

The Duff



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