There is no difference

I read a guest blog recently on a fellow bloggers site (PoojaG, it was yours and it was amazing!) and it got me thinking about the difference between men and women, especially when it comes to relationships.

Answer me this one question dear reader….

Why is it ok for a man to sleep with 100 women for example but not for a woman?

I ask this question myself a lot! More than you would think actually! I have worked in male dominated places all my life, be it sales offices, pubs or even running the bar for my local rugby team.

The boys especially at the rugby club would joke about the “bit of stuff” one had slept with and he would be congratulated on it as it was his 5th woman that week but then the conversation turns to the fact the “bit of stuff” was just an easy target as she is “easy” and a “slut” because she has slept with a few people!

Why is a boy a “hero” and “da man” (no really, I have heard this phrase used!) when this happens? and why are women just used as “another notch on the bedpost?”

Working in male dominated places use to scare me but now I act like one of the boys but this does come back and bite me on the ass a little (lol really?!?!) because men started thinking it was ok to spread vile rumors about me and treat me as a piece of ass! For example, I would be chased around the club by a naked rugby player on more than one occasion (nothing happened don’t worry, He couldn’t catch me lol) or in most recent times men around me think it’s perfectly ok to discuss their sex life around me and i mean they discuss this in graphic detail!

I have even been on the end of the stick taking the piss out of a woman for being slut shamed! But then again i think she was quite proud with this status as she was mouthing off about in the pub a few months later, like it was a trophy to be shown off, Strange huh!?

The rugby club and the pub scenes is rife with issues. I had a friend who unfortunately had an encounter with two players at the same club 6 months apart and she then got a name for herself for being “easy” My heart broke for her as she wasn’t easy or lose she was just looking for Mr right and two blokes in one year? That’s not a slut!? Is it? She is now settled down with another player from the same club who treats her with respect and is deeply in love with her!

I thought I would ask my fellow nutters about this and this is the response I got

Tony – “Because the 21st century is fucked” – Tony straight to the point!

Jing – “Double standard for men when they sleep with loads of women it comes across to others like they are ‘the man’ but when women do it they are dirty and have no self-respect”

Elvis – “A guy has to put in more effort to be noticed by a girl. A girl who sleeps around will have guys falling all around her and wouldn’t have to work too hard to stand out. Whereas a guy would have to fight to be noticed above the crowd. He would have to be seen amongst all the other guys. A guy has to work at being good at sleeping around. This not Elvis’s opinion. Just an interesting argument he heard before”

Now Elvis’s point got me thinking. If it is the case that men need to work harder on being noticed by a woman then why as a woman do we take so bloody long to get ready to go out!?

I am happily married to hubby but if I go out at the weekend I will dress up and put make up on and do my hair? I am not trying to “pull” or be noticed! Maybe I just like to feel nice and pretty? Or maybe it’s because I never wear makeup during the week (unless I have a meeting or most recently an interview) or do my hair (I scrap my hair into a pony tail every day!) and sometimes it’s nice to pampered?Top of Form

Then you have that old chestnut of a man trying his luck with a woman and get rejected and then that bloke goes off telling his mate she’s a “prick tease” as she is showing some leg or her cleavage!

Now I know there are women out there that go out to “prick tease” No word of a lie, I used to know one! She wasn’t a very nice person to be fair! She said she hated men and they all deserve what they get! Nothing like a woman scorn as the saying goes.

But does it go both ways? Guess what it does and you will never guess where I found my case study!!!

DISNEY!,  No word of a lie, Disney had to stop having the character Tarzan as a meet and greet character. You know the type, cue up for what seems hours for a five-minute meet and greet with your favourite Disney character and then get charged a small fortune for the pictures! any way i digress This is because some women just can’t resist a loin cloth! Whenever women cued up for a photo with “Tarzan” they could resist pinching his bottom or dropping a sexual comment! (GUYS THIS IS DISNEY!!! NOT AMSTERDAM!)

So, it does go both ways! But then again that was at a Disney park? Did the women find the guy playing Tarzan attractive or did they find the character attractive?  The is a whole new blog I think! LOL

Anyway now that i have that written down its time for a brew and chill out.

Love ya all

The Duff



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