Can you fall in love with a fictional character?

Well my dear reader, can you?

I remember my first crush was on Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid. But that I was 9 years old?!?! Surely that doesn’t count?

I had a gay friend recently appear on channel fours “first dates” and his tag line was “will he find his Aladdin?” Because he is in love with Aladdin! Well Disney in general actually! LOL But I know people that are obsessed with all things Disney and the thought of their “prince charming” whisking them off their feet for their happy ever after! My mate (for the blog I am going to call him Disney!) Disney is covered in Disney Tattoos and he is always going to Disney be it Paris or Florida!

But he says he has fallen in love with Aladdin and all things Disney. He admits that it is an escape from what he says is a “shitty existence of a life!” and that Disney makes him feel again! No wi should point out that his life isn’t shitty. He works bloody hard and he also has a great flat in the city as well having great friends and family!

But surely, the feeling of love for a fictional cahracter aren’t real feelings? Surely these movies are made for you to be pushed into feeling what they what you want to feel. Love, strength, scared? the list goes on!

For instance, Moana! Now I love this movie at the moment as the music is amazing and the score (the music as a whole for you non-musical folk) is written by my favourite composer Lin-Manuel Miranda (He wrote the musicals, In the heights and the most recent Hamilton!) But the story behind it is strong and empowering for men and women. A young girl who has to battle her fears and save her family tribe and restore order to the polynesian islands.

It is a great movie and the one of the best bit Dwayne the rock Johnson does the voices of  Maui! Now i find Dwayne so beautiful and sexy but i love the fact Maui is a bluky long haired banished demi god! LOL But do i love the charater? I mean truely have feelings and love a fictional character? No way!

But thats the way i feel. I mean i am sure there are people in the world that truely beileve that they are in love with Cinderella or Prince Charming. But for me, its a no.

Tell me your feelings on this subject and leave me comment.

TTFN buddies!

The Duff



3 thoughts on “Can you fall in love with a fictional character?

  1. I so get your thing for Eric and Maui! When Tangled came out, I was obsessed with it not only cuz, duh, it’s awesome, but because I loved Flynn Ryder. I mean, what’s not to love? 😂
    So I guess you could love a Disney character in a ‘I wish I could meet a guy like him’ way, but not actual ŁÕVĘ–ya know?
    Great post!


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