Finally I can feel again! 

Today I walked along the beach shore whilst on holiday with hubby and the chidling and something struck me! No not a beach rock but happiness. I felt happy, content with my life.

Why? I hear you ask? After weeks even months of anxiety and turmoil!

Well dear reader I finally handed my notice in and I have been put on garden leave! I no longer need to see there horrid, tourmented faces!

I can finally be free and be the duff I need and want to be!

I walked along the sea-shore with my feet frozen in the Norfolk cost line and a lovely sunny day and felt Happy!

I emailed piano man and he has given me a few shifts in the rainbow to keep me busy!

Whlist away with my ickle family, we went to see dunk seal and snowflake as their dad and step mum own a caravan in the next village on from ours. It was a great afternoon of gossiping, catching up and the kids swimming and body boarding! It was lovely seeing them both as I hadn’t seen them both for a while as seal is busy and snowflake is filming!

I left tony and jing in charge of my 6 fish while I was away and well……… I only have one left! But it’s fine. 3 passed due to age ( I think, I had them awhile) and two passed away as I think my tank filtration was an issue or the new fish I have recently put in where not as healthy as i was lead to belive!

They felt so bad, bless them but like I said “it happens and I can always start again!”

If this happened two months ago I would have lost it and been a mess but I am so bloody relaxed and happy, it’s just ok! I still brought them a gift each. A cute beach bracelet each and a death skill pencil to remind them of their time of massacring my fish! Lol

Also on our last full day my bff, the tattoo turned up! (Her mum and grandparents live in the same village!) we had a catch up and I found that her first 7 months of marriage are not going so great but I don’t think here is the best place for that!

Anyway we have had a great holiday and finally i can smile, i mean actually smile not a fake mask type of smile. Now i am not out of the woods with my anxiety and i am no way near “healed” but i feel so much better.

Also i am looking at setting up my new fish tank (well when i have brought one!)  I love keeping fish and i think i am going to stick o fan tail goldfish. I am currently obsessed with watching vlogs (Solid Gold and DIY King) on Youtube. I will never be as good as them but i love watching them (is that strange?)

Anyway here’s to a new start and a whole new chapter to The Duffs life and thank you dear reader for sticking with me!

Love to you all

The Duff


PS – Below are a few pictures i took while away! Hopefully you will see the beautiful Norfolk that we always see.


2 thoughts on “Finally I can feel again! 

  1. Oh what a nice post and I love your photographs. I am glad to hear your anxiety is not so bad, it is something I too have suffered from my whole life and I understand how debilitating it can be. Hope you have fun with your new fish tank. Take Care 🙂


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