Peek a boo, I see Ru!

Hey Guys!

The Duff here!  So i thought as i am on garden leave from my previous job i would fill you in on what i am in love with at the moment!

I am not sure if any readers are any lovers of a  certain tv program? Well if you haven’t guessed from the title, I am in love with RuPauls Drag Race!

This program has been my life line when i wasnt able to sleep due to my scribble head and i am always excited when a new season airs! The only issue is that i live in the UK and its hard to find it. Thank god for Netflix is all i can say!

I have seen all 9 seasons and both of the Allstars series. I have my favourite queens and i have queens that i don’t so much like!

For instants i do not like (But i will never use the word hate!)…

Roxxxy Andrews – This is mainly because of how she came across in her season (season 5). Also she was again relying on her friends to get her to the final in Allstars two! Now she may be a lovely person in reality but on this show no gurl! (A hateful bitch will blame the editing!)


Phi Phi Ohara – Again she was a bitch on her season and Allstars 2. But i followed her on that thing they call twitter and well some of her comments are just plain hateful and shadey (Again she blamed the editing pf the show!)

Phi Phi

Now like all drag race fans they have their all time favourites. I follow the following on soical media

Adore Delano – I bloody love her music! She is a dirty, rough around the edges type of queen! – Go check her music out, No, Really go!


Detox – She is again a very talent queen. She works her ass off but has a bloody good time doing it! She is also one of the most talented lip singers i have ever seen!  I mean gurl that jaw!

Image result for detox the drag

Trixie Matel and Katya – I have paired these two together because i prefer them together! Trixie is a really life Barbie Doll that loves country music and has a freaking funny sense of humour! Katya (Real drag name is Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova, now you see why she goes by Katya!) Has a dark personality that is wicked! She is so bloody flexible aswell! and again a mean lip syncer! together they have a Youtube show called UNHhh! It is so funny! Again go watch it!

Image result for trixie mattel and katya

Courtney Act – Now she is actually australian but moved to LA a few years ago. She is the fishiest queen I have EVER Seen. No really guys the photo below….Thats actually a dude! She is a great singer. She was on Australia’s version of Britain got talent. She was turned a way as a boy on the audition stages and then returned at Courtney Act and went through and did really well!

Image result for courtney act

Latrice Royale – She is so sweet, funny and well read. She isn’t afraid to say that she did a sint in prison and you will learn from her mistakes. As a drag queen, she is so good again a great lip sync artist and has the best laugh ever!

Image result for latrice royale

Then the queen of all. My shinning star! The one queen that helps me the most through my scribble head moments. The one, the only…….

Bianca Del Rio!!! – Winner of Season 6

download (2)

She is a hateful queen. But trust me you will want her to read you to filth (take the piss out of you to anyone else) As a man (Roy Haylock) he was a dressmaker for Broadway. He would on the Madam Morriable dress in wicked and has dressed some of the most famous women that tread the stage!

Bianca comes a cross as satans love child but really she is like a mother to the other queens on her season (Season 6). Helping them with their wigs, make up and dressing! She is properly the most successful queens from all the 9 seasons. She has had three (i think) world-wide tours of her comedy talents! As well as appearances over the world!

She helped me laugh when i thought i couldn’t anymore! She has made me smile and she has helped me speak to people when i really didn’t want to (scribble head again!)

Tony and Jing are massive fans as well (i think this was my fault!) and i love this because we are always dropping quotes from the season like – Yass mumma and really queen?

Jing is doing a make course at college now so i am thinking she could try to do the Bianca Del Rio makeup! (she might be reading this and thinking…hell no! lol)

Anyway i could talk about Drag Race al bloody day but i will hold off!  I hope this a look into one of my favourite things ever!

If you have watched Drag Race leave in the comments your favourite queen and why!

Sash away my lovelies!

The Duff



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