Writers block?

Well i have started this blog about 10 times today as i am not sure what i am blogging about. Which is strange as i rarely get writers block. Even when writing scriots i normally sit down with Youtube on and a brew and the words syart flowing!

But this time……..NOTHING! Not a single idea came to mind! and then its struck me. Why cant i write about writers block!

When i was living in the midlands i used to write alot, I was studing performing arts and we did a shite load of script writing and scene blocking etc. If i had writers block i would just go and find my mates and hash things out and BANG! an idea would appear.

Now alot of my scripts i wrote during this time where about my house mates and crazy, stupid adventures! From smoking pot to just waking up in the morning and dissappearing of to Edinburgh for the fringe festival. Without booking a room or anything! (That was a cracking few days!)

We did do some stupid stuff but we were young so it didnt really matter and my script got high rpaises from my tutors as well as actually being performed on stage! Thats a strange feeling seeing apart of your life played out by others!

I sometimes look at Snowflake and wonder how she does it.  I mean she will sit and write and wrote untill she is dry. And the Characters and scenes she writes are just so bloody funny! I should ask her how she overcomes writers block. I am really looking forwrad to her theatre companys first production!

I thought i would google about writers blocker and suggested ways for beating it and this is what i found;

  • Go for a walk. (Really? I drive to the gym! LOL)
  • Eliminate distractions (So have Youtube on while i work is wrong?)
  • Do something to get your blood flowing. … (HUBBY!!!!)
  • Play. … (What…Tertis?)
  • Change your environment. (I need Widi and my sleepy town doesn’t have great signal!)
  • Read a book. 9Hang on i thought i was writing?)
  • Freewrite. (HUH)
  • Listen to music (try classical or jazz to mix it up). (You just said clear your distractions!)

So this just annoys me. I wouldn’t know how to free write i was rubbish at it a college. I cant just sit and write about nothing. i have to have a subject.

Right i better go i am going to try something different. I said to Piano man that i wouuld design a few posters for the halloween party he is throwing at the Rainbow and maybe that will help me unblock!

See ya soon sweeties

The Duff




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