Hi guys, Duff here. Sorry I have been rubbish lately with my blogs! It’s been a manic few months!

I have started my new job and I bloody love it! I am still in sales but this time I have realistic targets and less stress! My anxiety is nearly none! I am no way near being back to the old me but I am getting there! I have only had three attacks in two months, which compared to the three a week is great!

My new place is so much fun! We have a laugh and my mentor is so lovely! He is so helpful and sweet (if you listen to him!) I say this as I started the same time as a young chap who thinks he knows everything about the job all ready and takes no advice!

I have all ready hit my first target and the boss are taking us for lunch next week! I sit on a table with four lads! (Mentor, young chap and wide boy!) we have been nicked named the table of trolls (in a nice way of course and trust me you dont want to know what the others are called LOL)

We were the only “table” to hit are targets and then some so the boss is taking us ou t tp lunch soooo.. BONUS!!!

Hu by has a new job too, which is great for the cash but he is struggling with his anxiety as he doesnt do “people” Typical IT bod really just wants to be locked in a server room with no one! But he is adjusting well and i am not as worried anymore.

What else has happened .. Oh yeah Panto rehearsals are well under way now and to be fair its coming on really well. Wea re all pulling together and its befinning to look really good.

I will blog more about it when we get a little further into it.

What else oh i have  asecond job at teh Rainbow pub working for the Piano man. Loving it but i an begining to feel tired alot as i am waitressing for him and i am also assisting on events.

We had a drag queen night on Halloween called Hallow- Queen… get it Halloween.. Hallow- Queen LOL. It was amazing. We had a drag queen called Bella and she is amazing and bloody funny! Jing turned 18 so it was her first adult night out and in true fashion The Duff got the Jing drunk as a skunk! LOL Tony came with us as well and true fashion was highly embarressed by us all lol but he had a great night! But i am going to do a blog on this aswell.

So i think you are caught up now !If there is anything more i will be back. I hopefully will be back on trcak from now on and keeping you updated with my nutty life!

Og Sugar i also need to mention that Snowflake has just finished her first professional stage show and smashed out of the water!!!! She has also landed a role in Beautya nd the Beast, which is amazing! I am so bloody proud of here and all my buddys!!!


The Duff XxX


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