It’s Panto season everyone!

So here i am sat at panto reharsals. The first get together and read through on our feet. To get a feel for our charaters, and in true acting group fashion we only have half a cast!

This has always been the way with us, as i have said in previous blogs we tend to be more soical than actors. But we always put on a bloody good show!

Panto is a season for us to mess about and be kids twice a week till about a month before opening night and then we “knuckle down” and we put on a show.

Its all gravy at the moment.Once again the Duff forget her line more regularly than everyone else and Jing, Tony and I are always being told off for messing about along with the Karate Kid.

The dames are so funny. We have one senior actor and one junior actor playing the ugly sisters. They are such a good match and such a giggle to act with.

I have be struggling with confidence and really being asked to go as i feel i am being watched the whole freaking time (not as in a audience way but in a gossipy bitchy way) But that will get better with time. I haven’t been in panto for about 4 years so it will take some time!

I did have a laugh last week the woman playing Danidi tried to hide me in the back and well it didnt work as the director put me right at the front! LOL she was not happy!

But I just love being in panto – I will get my lines learnt and song memorised but for the time being i will just have to muddle through. The director is being a bit of a bitch but hey its not like we have 3 months till curtain up or anything! LOL

Jing, Tony and I have been having a laugh to get the work done an then we sod off to the Rainbow bar to catch up with Pianoman and our other friends.

I am worried about the cofidence thing but hey you never know I may just be panicing about nothing!!!

I have a duet with Jing, which I still haven’t sorted the lyrics out to yet (yes Jing I will go do it as soon as I finish this blog!) We also are needing to add more slapstickbut again once our confidence grow and we stop relying on our scripts it will happen I am sure of it!!!

Anyway time for me to get on the on stage and do that thing we call acting!! LOL

Love to you all

The Duff XxX


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