There is no difference

I read a guest blog recently on a fellow bloggers site (PoojaG, it was yours and it was amazing!) and it got me thinking about the difference between men and women, especially when it comes to relationships. Answer me this one question dear reader…. Why is it ok for a man to sleep with 100 […]

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whats next?

I have been thinking a lot about life this week. I am still waiting to hear from two positions now and I am getting more and more frustrated! I keep thinking if I hadn’t been such a little bugger at school and knuckled under I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now! I […]

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I am Rough!

No, not in the sense of feeling or looking rough but I am playing rough in Cinderella. Rough is the clever one in the comedy duo of Rough and Ready. Rough and ready are a couple of bankers (Bankers you dirty minded people!) They are trying to get the money from Baron Hard-up that he […]

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