Right, I’ve got this!

So i went to the gym and thought i was going to do a small run and bike then call it a day. Well…………………. I only went and done a 10 mile bike ride and a 2.5k run without stopping!!! Oh my god I felt like shite but it also felt so good to sweat […]

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Pub club reunite!

  So yesterday was the girlie nutters (Jing, Snowflake, Seal and moi!) time to race! We had entered in race for life as we have all been touched by the awful disease recently and we all agreed we needed to do something about getting a step closer to kicking its arse! So, we met bright […]

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WTF! Why now?!

Hey guys, The Duff here. I thought I would let you all know that i have lost my voice! No literally i have lost my voice! I am on strict vocal rest. I work in sales and I need to b e on the phone all day and yesterday it was getting painful every time […]

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Back to the grind!

  So, The Duff is back in the gym! I finished boot camp for a few months last week (left due to hubby being made redundant) So I went and had a chat with the assistant manager at the gym to see what I can do to keep me on the “wagon” I fell off […]

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